Education research proposal

Choose ONE of the following questions for your research proposal:


  • Does the use of behaviourist techniques in the classroom provide better learning outcomes when dealing with students with attention deficit?
  • To what extent does parental involvement in children’s education relate to school performance over the course of the early grades?
  • Do parental involvement levels differ by family social, demographic, and contextual characteristics?
  • What forms of parent involvement are most highly correlated with children’s outcomes?


This research will include:

  • An overview of the issue, the systematic steps needed to create a compelling statement of participation; collect the data; justify the ethical implications and the need for ethical practice.
    • A proposal, justification, explanation of the benefits of the proposal, context/background and relevance (What does it mean for the school or the classroom? how is this idea valuable? Why is it necessary to do this research?
    • Methods, data collection&approach (How this research will happen).
  • Demonstrate deep understanding of the importance of the relationship between quality leadership and research
  • Headings and subheadings
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