Education– Academic Ghost Writing Essay

Academic Ghost Writing

The essence of academic writing and that of the ghost writer’s skill is found in research and the intuitive nature of discovery and investigation. Each project is different and challenging, requiring a different skill set every time. Writing in itself is a solitary act, one of personal process and an unrated, unappreciated art. There was a time when writers were revered for their talents and skill. Media has changed that view and writing, as an occupation remains cutthroat and highly competitive.

One must find a niche in order to survive. Many find themselves at the threshold of providing services within the academic field, to students, other writers and professors alike. Many could argue the morality of this field, as an occupation, the writers perform a disservice to the student by doing their work for them when really it is a service just like any other.

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Education– Academic Ghost Writing Essay
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Ghost writing is not a crime but a needed segment within the academic community because it offers information to the student they may not have access to otherwise.

Writers provide a means of articulating information and sources that the average student may not be able to dig up. Once the service is provided, it is in the hands of the customer how they will use that information in their own research, study regime. I mean one could argue every point of how ghost writing ruins the educational richness and learning process when really it enhances the experience. I mean you don’t trust just anyone to change your automobile’s oil or deliver your daily newspaper? The academic world can be just as cutthroat and today’s students need to remain competitive, at the top of their game. Many do not have a choice in the matter, either they do not have the talent for research and writing or they do not have the language skills. It is safe to say this is where many clients originate, the non-speaking English countries. They need education as well and have the resources to find the right writer for the job.


As a ghost writer and especially with academic writing, research and the source of research is of great importance but first the writer must have a clear understanding of what the client needs. A lot of times the client may not even know or understand the project themselves. It is really important to review the information provided by the student whether it be directly from their academic institution or just class notes, this allows the research and the final write up to be accurate. Academic writing is about precision, the ability to take numerous facts and present them in understandable language while providing an original thought on the subject. This can be the real challenge, sometimes writing about a similar topic over and over but making it seem new and fresh. This is where the quality of research sources come into play and also having an excellent command of the English language. Writing is something one must like to do and even have a gift for. This is why ghost writing can be important because not everyone has this God given talent or direct communication with his or her muse. Still having an open dialogue with the customer becomes important as the researcher delves deeper into the project and its many roads toward the final draft. I find that once the assignment is taken, it is a must to ask questions of the client in order to avoid rewriting.


How do academic ghost writers find sources? The key to this is knowing where to look. One can peruse the Internet and its numerous search engines but this can lead to wasted time and energy better spent on summation or putting the information into language the client can understand. Many academic writers have tricks of the trade outside of visiting the local library. I find it interesting how simple good research can be reduced to in this modern world. It is not about computers but old-fashioned detective work and investigation into the topic, starting with a broad general notion of the topic and then digging deeper into sub-topics and this is where the discovery of a unique approach can be found. By uncovering the general and the more specific one becomes, the true meaning and element of the subject is found. From these sub-topics one can start to surmise conclusions and possible further questions. Research is all about questioning every piece of the puzzle and finding data to back up those pieces. Outside the library, hopefully a reputable university library, and one can search those online databases with a membership for the sake of time and travel but also there are numerous online libraries that are reputable that serve a smorgasbord of information. Questia online library is probably the single best resource for academic research because it acts a database for books, news articles but mostly journals written by expert academics in the field of choice. What I like most about Questia is the myriad of diverse avenues that pop up with just one search. It gives the ghost writer and researcher many different areas to explore and infinite possibilities. The beauty of this work is that you may think you have a plan, an idea of where the search may take you but wind up finding an article or an expert that you had no idea existed. From this the process becomes more a journey or quest toward discovering the true essence behind a topic and then the words just flow from the fingertips. There are other online libraries, High Beam for one but a good researcher will stick with Questia and their network of university sites. For books, the Scholar Google site is a good starting point before leaving for the library, this way you have a list of authors and titles. There are many online sources also that have a public domain repository of book titles that anyone can download, let’s say if you are researching Greek Philosophers and their different views.

Hiring an academic ghost writer only aids the process for many students because it offers them a myriad of information and an extra edge over other students. Being able to put into words what may be complex theories can be invaluable to the client and that is why ghost writing is important.

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