Early Intervention for Young Children with Autism

4 Separate Papers. 

Write a one-page review, single-spaced of each of the assigned readings. 

Article responses should include a description of the article itself and a reaction to the article. I will attach all articles and by each paper are the dates I need it back by. 

  •  Paper 1. 7/11
  • Diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders in 2-year-olds: a study of community practice (Corsello, Akshoomoff, & Stahmer, 2013)
  • A review of methodological issues in the differential diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders in children (Matson, Nebel-Schwalkm & Matson, 2007)
  • Paper 2 7/18
  • The Interpretative Conference: Sharing a Diagnosis of Autism with Families (Nissenbaum, Tollefson, & Reese, 2002)
  • Autism Severity and Qualities of Parent-Child Relations (Beurkens, Hobson, & Hobson, 2013)
  • Paper 3: 7/25
  • Effective Early Intervention: Results From the Model Preschool Program for Children with Down Syndrome and Other Developmental Delays (Fewell & Oelwein, 1991)

Early Intervention for Young Children with Autism 1

  • Parental Perceptions of Supplemental Interventions Received by Young Children with Autism in Intensive Behavior Analytic Treatment (Smith & Antolovich, 2000)
  • Paper 4 7/30
  • Early Intervention for Young Children with Autism: Continuum-Based Behavioral Models (Anderson & Romanczyk, 1999)
  • The Development of a Treatment-Research Project for Developmentally Disabled and Autistic Children (Lovaas, 1993)
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