Search Engine Marketing

The paid e-marketing efforts currently employed by OpenRice include Google adwords, search engine optimization (SEO) and YouTube. Through these channels, people can see the OpenRice website link any time they search for a word that is among the keywords paid for through search engines. They have also employed geotagging for keywords search that can drive traffic to their site and/or app anytime someone within the location which they offer service searches for those keywords. Through classified listings, customers searching for competitors in the areas which OpenRice is available will be able to see the OpenRice link.

Affiliates and Partnerships

OpenRice is working through promotions with local restaurants to increase its popularity with all restaurant visitors. They score marketing milestone using rebate promotion through the restaurants listed in their website and app. Food bloggers are also engaged to market and promote the app and its services within their areas. Food producers, the food community are also other stakeholders who are engaged to promote OpenRice app.

Social Media

It is said that the most powerful form of advertising is a word of mouth from a satisfied customer. OpenRice employs this method to capitalize on positive reviews from its fans and users to connect to the unreached audience. Through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram;funs share and recommend to their fellow friends increasing usage and also driving traffic. The research and development together with public relation team are highly involved here to strengthen its position and image with fans. Huge following eventually translates to a user base for its services.

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