Dystopian Short Stories About the Future Essay

I don’t think I agree with the criticism that many of the critics of FDR’s New Deal that said that these programs were unnecessary and were in fact, a form of socialism and would lead down the road, eventually, to communism in the united states. I don’t agree with them because the New Deal was created to make the United States a more convenient country to Americans in need and was also made to help the U.S deal with poverty.

Poverty was a huge effect on the Americans because of the lack of employment, depression and like other things. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal was determined by three steps which was:

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Dystopian Short Stories About the Future Essay
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3R’s deficit spending

1. Relief-helping people get back on their feet.
2. Recovery-getting the economy back up
3. Reform-making sure it doesn’t happen again

The main cause of the New Deal was the stock market crash, or the great depression. There was a big increase in unemployment, lack of consumer buying, loss of homes.

All of this stock market crash affected not only the United States but also the world, because no one had money to buy things to raise the economy. 16 million people were unemployed. People were killing themselves, because they had no job and were depressed and what the president came up with is raise prices. Also not only did people lose their jobs, but lost money from banks that were closed down. Thousands of banks filed for bankruptcy and at that time there was no insurance that insured customer’s money.

So no matter how much you had in the bank, you lost it all, because the government took the money. This is why when election came and Franklin D. Roosevelt was up for president he was elected. He actually had a legit plan for Americans, so they wouldn’t be in what they were going through anymore and there would be happy families. This is what Americans wanted someone that wanted to help them and realize they were in need. That’s is why Franklin D. Roosevelt developed a plan he called the New Deal, which were a series of programs to help his fellow Americans. Although his plan was not easy to succeed, he still found a way to make it happen. He did all he can for his people to be happy and not live in this poverty they were living in.

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