Dwarfism Essay

While I listened to Alice Dreger through a Ted Talk, assigned for our class, she mentioned dwarfism, and how she worked with people in this disease but didn’t reflect much upon her statement, so I decided to check it out myself. I wanted to know more about the chromosomes and if they were involved, or if the bones weren’t doing their jobs, that’s why I went looking. Dwarfism is quite common in the United States but it’s an uncomfortable topic even though there are three hundred types of the disease, so I wanted to investigate it more and see if I could get a better grasp on the topic.

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Dwarfism Essay
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When a child is conceived, parents are often allowed to ask for tests to see if their baby is healthy or have a disability of some sort. Unfortunately, dwarfism isn’t commonly applied in these tests, therefore parents must wait until birth, where they will meet their little one and see if it’s happy and healthy.

Doctors can make different diagnosis’ and sometimes will be able to tell if the baby has been affected with dwarfism depending on type of condition the baby has (Duker).

While growing up, it is common to suspect a short height and normally, there is nothing one can do about it. There are no treatments that can be used after the doctor claims his diagnosis, and some of these factors that the doctor might notice could consist of the baby’s bone structure or how small the baby is. Throughout life, health problems are likely to occur such as kidney disease, or an imbalance of metabolism and hormones (Duker). Luckily enough, the hormones can be an easy fix with special diets to help their little bones grow and hormonal injections. Sadly, most victims of dwarfism will barely reach the height of four feet and ten inches.

On the topic, it’s crazy to think there are three hundred conditions of dwarfism, and many more that this generation might not even know about, but unlike the website, I believe there is hope in helping people of short stature to grow and possibly get taller. To me, it seems like the website has given up on trying to help those people and have accepted defeat. I think our generation is more stubborn than that. The website itself isn’t something to brag about because it seemed boring. No pictures, videos, or “interesting” information was included as I’d hoped. There was nothing on the screen to catch one’s attention and only had a few paragraphs to read the information from.

The website contains tabs for people whom wanted to know whether they or their family would be affected my dwarfism in some way, but it wasn’t to tell the world about dwarfism. The target audience was for people who already had someone in their family that was affected by dwarfism or knew someone who was pregnant and wondered if that specific baby would end up with dwarfism. The website is credible and relevant, but I just wish they included more information.

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