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The daily commute of the many Americans and the daily exchange of products being delivered over the world which is an everyday process, everyone in the world uses. What is “Public transport its when a group of people is taken from place to place using some form of bus, train. Normally these methods run on a managed schedule, on established routes that are operated. Long hauling truck driving when you drive long distances to deliver goods to different places in the country.

Normally longer work hours and days, months away from your family and sleeping on the road. Let’s discuss the Truck Drivers vs Metro Transit Bus Drivers and the different ways they operate and the ways they are similar.

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driving Essay
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Truck drivers require you to work long hours because you are hauling products around the country. You are driving a truck with a sleeper unit, which requires you to sleep at a truck stop at night or whenever you get a chance to rest.

The disruption of trucker jobs is that it’s a lifestyle, not a job. When it comes to personal hygiene drivers use a shower on the road at a truck stops, when it comes to food you eat on the road and use a microwave, portable BBQ, or other devices.

When you must use the restrooms it a public rest stop, restaurants, or truck stop, that are not always clean. Over time the tracks have been updated and have GPS and satellites and computers making it easy to communicate for better customer service. The truck stops as of 2019 have been updated as well as have a new lounge area with games, phones, and comfortable booths. Health issues are a concern when driving trucks, most truck drivers suffer from obesity. This is because of unhealthy eating habits while on the road, no exercise plan, and there is no access to a place to maintain a healthy living while on the road.

Long haul companies are now having two drivers to run the trucks 24 hours a day that way the truck doesn’t stop, but for breaks. The feedback on operating as a team when on the road is difficult and doesn’t work well in this job, because it can be very demanding. Truck drivers must drive safely and pay attention to the road and other drivers. The truck driver can work around 22 nights in a month. Their schedule can change month-to-month base on the company that you work for.

Metro Transit bus drivers spend more time with their families, and you sleep in your own bed at night. Working as a Metro Transit bus driver you will work a steady schedule that doesn’t change. Bus operators transport people and truck driver hauls products around the country. The good thing about bus driving you are given route preferences every quarter you can earn changes and have the option to changes your route. When working as a city bus driver you have socialization, and you build relationships with people you pick up each day. The truck driver doesn’t have socialization skills because they are on the road by their self’s. Metro bus operators have lunch breaks around 5-15 mins long depending on the route and running blocks.


Being a truck driver or a bus driver have similarities in public safety. Both must be a defense driver, being able to detect unexpected road conditions, detracted divers, and motorists who don’t understand how commercial vehicles operate. These drivers must use a signal for safety, know when to slow down, maintain their vehicle, wearing a seat belt, staying sharp making sure you get enough rest. The drivers must also be mindful of the weather conditions, detours, and road closures. The road work that’s in the area must be addressed there can be work zones, that shift lanes, have sudden stops, moving workers and equipment. Not at any time should the bus drivers be distracted, so there is no text and using their cell phones while driving, eating and drinking should be limited to your lunch breaks. The truck and bus drivers follow these rules for public safety.

Truck and bus drivers must go through training and learn how to properly drive and maintain the vehicle. Each driver must have a Commercial Driver License (CDL’s) to operate a large vehicle. Both truck and bus drivers must keep a clean driving record in order to keep their driving license. The knowledge of the employee handbook is important and both jobs offer benefits. The Union is an option for both truck and bus drivers, the union provides protection of employee right when it comes to job rights and wrongs.

The truck drivers and bus drivers are customer service agents, communicating with dispatch, and support staff. The routes must be planned with each job title and keep a set time for pick up and drop off. Every bus or truck driver must do a safety check on their vehicle for anything hanging or damage. Learning how to operate and know the feeling of the gauges to know if they need major repairs. The truck and bus driver has a guideline for safety regulations. Paperwork is done for both which includes a logbook, per-tip inspection forms, timesheets, bills of landing, toll roads, border crossing. Both truck and bus drivers move to provide a service to the community.

Bus and truck drivers have a lot of responsibility and all their skills and abilities are important. Communication, navigation, customer service, route planning, and completing paperwork, are all the things need when taking this kind of job. Being a truck and bus driver requires you to understand how to be safe on the road and look out for the bad drivers is also an important skill to have. These two jobs are also different in so many ways when it comes to hours, travel, sleep, lunch break, shower and time with family. When choosing a job to be a truck or bus driver make sure you make the right choice that fits your lifestyle. When applying for the driving job keep all these abilities in mind.

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