Drag racing is a competition of vehicles which is concerned by Essay

Drag racing is a competition of vehicles which is concerned by how fast a car, van, and motorcycles can achieve with a limited time. Often times it is one vs. one which most of the time taken place on different types of race tracks. Remapping is a process that changes your car engines computer, which is formally known as engine control unit (ECU). (Tan, 2018) stated that as of today there are five racing circuit in the Philippines which are namely, Batangas racing circuit, Carmona racing circuit, Clark International speed way,Plawan international circuit and Tarlac circuit hill, which are all functioning for the entire year,for racing competitions and practicing.

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Drag racing is a competition of vehicles which is concerned by Essay
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When a vehicle undergo remapping, your car or van can achieve better performance and may improve your over all driving experience and also save money on your fuel costs over the months and years. As of today, modern vehicles contains ECU (Engine Control Unit) that is typically effective. It is a small computer which controls how the engine works.

Philkotse.com (2019) stated that ECU is a chip with a software installed and have a default settings for the car’s function. It is apparent that cars today have progressed when it comes to comparing the old cars that were purely mechanical. The new cars are now managed by the advanced and modern technologies, the ECU is the main software that really undergoes remapping wherein the old program is deleted and will be replaced by a new program which comes from different modes depending on the type and model of the vehicle. M. Ogenia descirbes that most drag racers are cautious to use remapping because of the reasons that they usually think it’ll destroy their motors and have some problems during the drag race as stated by (personal communication, August 15, 2018).While L. Diamante stated that some drag racers are open for raising awareness about remapping, more over it is always a great idea to check the vehicles condition first before heading to remap your vehicle. Racers are still not aware of what is the effect of remapping which is why the research study was made to comprehend if there is a connection between remapped vehicles towards winning a race, most of the time the frequent problem when participating in a race is the motor’s capability to run fast enough to meet the goal time, “the lesser the time much better” ( personal communication July 27, 2019). As of today there is no existing research why drag racers should remap their cars and it’s effect on the chance on winning a race.

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