Dollar Tree: This is due by sunday Future opportunity of assessment Length: 2 to 3 paragraphs Content: In this section you will discuss future plans the company has to achieve its short and long term goals and objectives and its plans for the future. What are the top growth opportunities the company is focusing on for the next five years? Include a brief overview of the opportunities as well as insights into financing and potential impact to the company.

Future opportunity of assessment

The Dollar Tree Company is focusing on a few top growth opportunities that include expanding its existing store format and introducing different assortments at its stores. The company is targeting to deliver better financial performance in coming quarters (Hair, 2015). The Dollar Company is expected to focus on developing an e-commerce platform to benefit from the steadily growing online customers. It is working hard to strengthen its competitive position in the tremendously growing retail store sector. The company deal with the Family dollar will benefit by being made the most significant dollar store retailer in the United States.

The retail store traffic in the United States is being improved by the improving economic conditions. Growth drivers remain intact, and the financial performance stays strong. DTC Company has improved its marketing trends by aggressively pursuing its strategic growth initiatives that include offering new products that are refrigerated (Hair, 2015). This has given them an advantage over its peers and increased their customer numbers. The improving unemployment rate is an opportunity for the retail store in the United States because the DTC sales will grow.





Hair, J. F. (2015). Essentials of business research methods. ME Sharpe.


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