Does education always provide a means to better life? Essay

Education is believed to be a good bet for success. It is for this reason that governments invest huge amounts of resources with the aim of ensuring that its people acquire education. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) were a set of goals accepted by nations for the purpose of ensuring better lives for the people of the world. The second goal of the MDGs deals with the achievement of the universal primary education. It is no doubt that the importance of education cannot be underestimated.

However, education that is learnt in class is based on books, facts and theories. This knowledge is does not exist in the hands of the bearer; thus, to succeed and have a better life depends on how one utilizes the knowledge as it will be discussed in this paper.

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Does education always provide a means to better life? Essay
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A classroom is composed of people from different backgrounds. It is expected that the brains of the students are not homogenous. Some people have high IQ levels while as others have lower levels.

It thus implies that there are people whose academic performances are better than others. Once it comes to the job market, the criteria of hiring and recruiting employees is based on the skills that individuals possess. There are high possibilities that those people who passed the exams with good degrees still struggle to have better lives while others who failed succeed very well as it is evident in everyday life. The truth is that success in life is based on the skills other than what people learn in schools. Life has proven to take a different dimension in how people succeed. There are people who drop out of school but they end up being millionaires while others study consistently and still continue to struggle for better lives.

Not everything that is learnt in school is relevant in life. What is learnt in schools is the methods that one can apply in life based on skills and talents to lead a successful life. These skills are usually learnt out of class while others are inherited through heredity. It is one’s responsibility to realize these skills and talents so that he or she may apply them in daily life to succeed. This calls for someone to think out of the box. One who is able to think out the box has the chances to strategize things that need planning for the purpose of better life. It is for this reason that some people with professional degrees struggle to earn a better life since they over rely on what they learnt other than thinking out the box.

A big gap exists between the educated people those who did not get an opportunity to go to school. Those people who did not get an opportunity to study find themselves struggling to survive. The uneducated people in the society know that they do not have a choice other than to work hard if they rely have to succeed. On the contrary, the educated people fail to work hard since they believe that they stand a better chance in life as there are many job opportunities available to them. The educated forget that there are few job opportunities available since many people are today educated thus making the job market competitive.

In conclusion, education can be termed as tool that can lead one’s path to success but it is not a ticket for a better future. Education on the other hand will ensure that someone is well respected in the society. This respect can only be rewarded by the few job opportunities available in one’s locality. Securing such jobs does not mean that one will have a better life. As such, one is required to think out of the box and realize how he or she can apply the knowledge acquired in order to have a better future.

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