Do You Agree That Progress Is Always Positive? Essay

“Progress” is usually thought of as a positive thing. When people say, “He has made some progress,” others perceive it as a positive concept. Most of the [1] times, progress is positive, and positive progress can benefit one in many different ways. [2] But there are times when progress can also be harmful and [3] give negative effects. Thus, it will be [4] safest to say that [5] progress is [6] a “challenge.”

One’s progress can promote numerous [7] salutations. It could provide guiding principles by letting one acknowledge new ideas [8], thus making him/her more informed and intelligent, and progress can also provide more opportunities [9].

[10] This opportunity is noticed usually when someone [11] achieve some progress [12] and his intending to stretch out more. Thus stepping forward and making progress might [13] sound always promotive and safe. [14] But let’s examine the situations when progress can [15] work counterly and become negative.

“Making progress” can be [16] reiterated as stepping forward. [17] But who said that one will always profit out of stepping forward? Sometime [18] taking progress can [19] be miserable.

[20] Think of case when people in stock markets take a challenge and make a progress. [21] Nobody knows what the outcome will [22] look like and many times [23] they lose most of their money. [24] So progress [25] can be positive, but [26] also [27] negative [28] ; just like flipping a coin.

The main theme of the novel, “Father of the Fathers” by Bernard Weber gives a perfect example of misguided progress. Although the main character [29] search for the “missing link” of human evolution, every time he [30] progressed to grasp something new, he [31] continued to fall deeply into “missing link: and [32] become more and more confused. Finally he [33] finds out that [34] present human is the missing link and [35] it [36] is never understandable, he gives up. Therefore, [37] groping progress can sometimes [38] informative and positive, [39] it could also be disastrous and misguiding.

[40] Conclusively, progress is not always [41] a positive action. It could certainly be informative, salubrious, and [42] providing opportunities, but it could also be miserable, misguiding, and even harmful. Therefore, [43] taking a progress is a challenge. [44] If progress is always positive, whey doesn’t everyone progress at any time?

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