Do People Make Their Own Luck Essay

In all phases of life, we may ask, do people make their own luck? Well, the answer to this question is in the positive. In other words, every person is responsible for all the things that happened in his life. Being lucky is one of those things that can be attributed to a person’s capability to decide well. According to Answers.Com, luck is sometimes called fortune which is a person’s total unpredictable circumstances or status in life (“Meaning of Luck”).

In other words, being lucky is like facing positive things in life that are not really expected but hoped for. No one knows when luck or fortune will appear in life. What is certain is that good things bear good things. In this paper, the knowledge that men make their own luck will be proved.

Men Make Their Own Luck

Based on observation, many people were lucky due to their own choices in life. Let us think over a scenario that demands personal decisions.

There was a young poor man who cannot afford to go to school. It was difficult for the said man to make both ends meet as his poverty hindered to make his dreams come true. To be able to solve the problem, the young man did not succumb to fear and scepticism. He was so positive that he could change the station of his life. He thought of utilizing the resources around him in order to grab the opportunities to survive. He worked as a working student in a reputable university. His little allowance was used to finance his educational needs as well as daily subsistence.

The young poor man laboured all day and studied during the night. He rarely spend his time on idle purposes as he promised himself to fulfil his goals in life. Since the University where he worked was a technological school, he studied hard to be the one of the best civil engineer in town. The young poor man grabbed the opportunity to study in the school’s library at night where there are no longer students using it after cleaning the same since he has no means to buy books. There is no time wasted for the young man since his recreation includes gardening services in some residences of his professors. For his occasional services, the young man may earn amounts of money that could be used to support his clothing expenses. He can also save by means of selling different kinds of items during holidays.

During free time, the young man also rendered voluntary services in charitable organizations organized by wealthy businessmen in the community.  Their activities include feeding senior citizens, helping victims of calamities like floods, earthquakes and fire, as well as medical missions. There are also times that the young man ran errands for his mother and sister.

After four years, the young poor man finished his studies. He was able to graduate with flying colours. He was one of the best students in the university. It was not difficult for the young man to find a job. Many employers offered jobs to him because they are witnesses to his unwavering quest for improvement in life.

One of his managing supervisors in the voluntary activities that he participated invited him to be the operations manager of the company that he is going to open within the year. The said company is a branch of the chain of construction companies that managing supervisor owned. The salary offered to the young man is more than enough to support him. He accepted the job offer. As a result, he was able to save a lot of money. While working in the said company, the university where he worked invited him to take part-time teaching. He also accepted the teaching offer. While he was so busy with his work, he also took master’s studies during weekends within two years.

The poor man became rich after how many years of hardship. His untiring quest for success made him one of the best in his community. Had the poor man cowered during those times that he had no money to support himself and his poor family, he could not have attained such a high station in life. The man’s determination to make his own luck paid him a price. He was n longer considered poor after so many years of hard work.

In some instances, people also make their own luck in cases that makes them popular or famous in the field of music, entertainment, arts, sports and even lottery. If not because of a person’s patience in honing and practicing his or her talent, he could not have been known as an international singer. Or a person may become famous in winning a multi-million lottery because that person made time to bet for it. Some famous actors and actresses nowadays started their luck in the entertainment industry by withstanding gruelling queues in auditions and shows just to be picked up for projects.


It is submitted that people made their own luck. It was never a coincidence that they were able to change their lives. Luck without action and a prayerful heart is impossible. It was never easy to follow the footsteps of luck, for its access is due only to those who are willing to pay the price. Positive feelings and hard work are the things that will make a person lucky.

Like the poor young man’s rags to riches story, he never attained that success without first tasting the bitterness of poverty and struggles. There may be pitfalls along the way, but a constant quest and honest chase of your dreams will keep the search for luck. Only the deserving person will become lucky. At times, it is unexpected that a person may win a lottery yet but there must be an effort somewhere that the person had done to be able to achieve that luck.

Finally, only God can make all things possible. Even those who do not believe in the Supreme Deity could find a void in their hearts that will make them realize that without God, they are nothing. Therefore, men can only try very hard to achieve luck, but it is still God who will grant the same. If the intent of the heart of a person who worked hard to be lucky, it is not a surprise that luck will come his way.

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