Diversity and Intercultural Issues

Discussion topics include:

1. Diversity and Intercultural Issues

2. Conceptualizing diversity

3. Addressing diversity in the global organization

1. Read: Chapter 2 Mendenhall et al.

Self-awareness refers to possessing an honest view of oneself as well as recognizing one’s place in society social contexts. As a global leader, the awareness addresses the extent to which one is both knowledgeable about the world and possess an awareness of the world as a whole.

Self-awareness is a global leader competency. Being an adaptive individual is very encouraging for both leaders and as a global leader. Global leadership competencies are still be discovered and tested. Leaders’ passion about cultural diversity, interaction and adaptability are core competencies that are agreed upon by researchers in this field.

Being honest in sharing your weakness of ignoring available resources and not applying them. Many leaders and global leaders feel that they have encompassed all that is needed; however, there are so much information, skills and competencies that can be learned. By taking the initiative to address these weaknesses is a huge step towards self-awareness. The desire to want to learn more and learn from lapses knowledge is a strength that should be continuous throughout your time as a leader.

Note: Please type the question and then the answer which should be about 250 words for each question

Discussion Question: Global leaders must have a high level of self-awareness.

1. Discuss what you know about yourself against the previous week’s readings.


Answer 250 words

2. Discuss your strength and challenges you face as a potential global leader

Answer 250 words

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