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  1. Please find an article, written within the last 3 years, that discusses some aspect of intercultural communication in the workplace. The article could discuss many things such as:  communication customs in a given country, low context and high context cultures, the challenges of intercultural communication, communication skills business people should have in international business, etc.
    • For your sources, please find the article from PCC’s online magazine database “EbscoHost”.  EbscoHost is a very valuable database for students and anyone doing research.  The college pays a lot of money each year so that students and researchers can access current articles from some of the world’s leading publications.  In your future studies and in your career, these databases can provide great access to information, more than you may be able to find just doing web searches.

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    • The following is a quick link to the PCC Library and its list of article databases. PCC Databases
    • Save a copy of the article in Word or Acrobat Reader.  You’ll need a copy of this for your discussion post.

fter researching one intercultural communication article as described in Module 2, please do the following:

In your discussion post, provide a short summary (2 paragraphs) of the article, including your thoughts on the author’s point of view.

  • Add a heading to your summary with the article title
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