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Discussion 1

Our final project requires you to look at research surrounding one of several topics in the field of cognitive psychology, identify a gap in the current research on this topic, and create your own study to address this gap. You will study perceptionattention, neurocognition, memoryspeech and languageproblem solving, and judgment/reason/decision making.  Consider how you see these topics applied in everyday life, as well as any news stories about research studies and technological breakthroughs.

Next, in your initial post, address the following:

  • Which of these topics and ideas interests you the most as a potential subject for your final paper?
  • Share your topic and explain why it interests you and how the provided references fit in.

Respond to two the two peers below, sharing your thoughts on their chosen topics. Do you think their topics make sense? Why or why not? You may also share suggestions on how to clarify or refine the topic, or approach it in a different way. Feel free to provide an appropriate resource to support your suggestions.

Kelly post

The topic that interests me the most is judgements, decisions, and reasoning.  After reviewing the article, it was amazing to me the difference between unconscious and conscious thought, and how researchers are trying to determine and examine each one and how it is effected.  “Rather than making conscious choices and immediately and passively experiencing those thoughts an alternative possibility is that the thoughts are constructions created post hoc and that the true casual work is done by unconscious states of mind and brain” (Newell, B.R. & Shanks, D.R. 2014).  This quote from the article makes me want to investigate the ego further and how it is a factor in the thought process.

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Samantha post

The topic I would like to focus on is Attention, specifically Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and the lack of attention on women within this research area. There is research to support the belief that women are under diagnosed. This could be for a few reasons such as the differences between the sexes as well as outdated/incorrect diagnosis material as in they may be using material that was created solely to diagnose males or differing materials/experiments from other research groups. Another issue comes with the age of the participant/patient. As we age, some show fewer of the symptoms even though they still technically have ADHD.

The lack of consistency along with aging and lack of useful research hinders the diagnosis process. Females and males show certain symptoms more often and, within certain trials and samples, can be equal in representation.

In my final paper, I would like to discuss and focus on the history of ADHD in relation to gender and provide an experiment and suggestions on how to correct this through stability in testing/diagnosis practices as well as equal and broader sample pools. This is a topic that has research on it but we certainly need more. Another possible direction could be a focus on diagnostic material and the listed symptoms for ADHD focusing on women.



The culture of an organization contributes on every level of the company essentially. Working as a stylist for Ulta for about a year now I have realized that the company honestly care for all of their employees on a personal level. During the recent pandemic I had reached out to the CEO to give advice on what I thought could help the company during this tough time. She personally messaged me back. I can say that not every CEO would take the time to message an employee lower than them in the food chain. It really opened my eyes to the true nature of Ulta as a whole. Also when we first shut down they gave us paid leave then on a furlough because we would get more money through unemployment. I thought it was a very thoughtful of the company to continue paying us during that time and to take into consideration how we could benefit from the whole situation. Just knowing that I can trust Ulta to take care of me when I need them is more than enough to keep me faithful to the company. It also gives me a very positive attitude about the company.



The culture of an organization is ultimately the most important factor in keeping good employees. In my experience, even well paid employees will leave a company if they don’t feel they align with the company beliefs, leadership style, or the way employees are treated. Employee satisfaction needs to be monitored, given an opportunity for candid feedback without repercussion, and cultivated in a way you would a growing plant. Sometimes that means you have to trim back the things that aren’t useful or helpful, but pruning helps growth. You always need to be watering and feeding through encouraging and empowering policies that give employees an opportunity to better themselves, advance in the company, make more money, be rewarded for good behavior and performance, and feel valued by those around and above them in the corporate chain. Some of the best times of growth in my teams have been the times that we met informally, and I allowed the “gloves” to come off. I would tell employees, “tonight I’m not your boss, I just want to be your friend.” Letting them see me outside of work, and know that there are no consequences if they say or do something questionable really allowed them to trust me in the work environment. While I still have to use my good judgement in these situations, I have yet to have a negative result when I open myself up like this.

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