Discussing the ethics of using animals for research on learning

300 word answer to each essay question with APA formatted citations and references (APA title page and reference page are required. Each question should be answered clearly and numbered) answer each question thoroughly and completely, providing examples where required. A minimum of 5 scholarly references are required for this exam.How are reflexes, modal action patterns, and general behavior traits alike?


How are they different?Some psychologists insist that learning refers to durable changes.What is the problem with this approach?Discuss the various ways of measuring learning.Explain the difference between within-subject and between-subjects experiments.

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Discussing the ethics of using animals for research on learning
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Discuss the ethics of using animals for research on learning.Explain why Pavlov became interested in psychic reflexes.Explain why Pavlovian conditioning is not really a simple form of learning.Explain how extinction of a CR can be viewed as the acquisition of a behavior.Most people believe that when conditioning occurs, there must be an awareness of the connection between the CS and US.For example, when Pavlov sounded a buzzer, this made the dog think of food, and thinking of food made the dog salivate.What is wrong with this view? (In answering this question, you may want to mention the experiment of Kenneth Diven (1937).How has the study of Pavlovian conditioning altered your view of human nature?

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