Discussing Concept Mapping

1.) Continue to draft possible opening inquiry questions- and after you have a question that you think addresses an aspect of your topic that you want to focus on complete the worksheet HERE and share it with me when you are done.2.) Using your new , possibly more focused research question, develop a set of keywords that you can use to do a more focused and deeper search for sources this week.


Review the concept mapping video we watched in class to help you discover key words for a more focused search. Concept Mapping3.) Do another, more focused search for sources and compile a list of 7-9 highly relevant sources. You are beginning to compile a working bibliography- this will constantly change and evolve, but you need to have a good set of authoritative sources that speak directly to your research question and offer different angles and perspectives in response to your question. Aim for a variety of sources and don’t just pick the first few that come up when you do a search.

4.) Evaluate the 7-9 sources you have found using the CRAAP test. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyMT08mD7Ds&feature=youtu.be After you have evaluated your sources, write a  summary  of the literature (sources) you have found so far.

5 In your summary provide a brief overview of the relevancy and authority of your 7-9 sources as well as an overview of the main ideas and perspectives -in general -that these sources offer as answers to your inquiry question.  Remember that a summary is not analysis- you don’t state your own opinion or perspective- You don’t need to go into too much detail in your summary, just focus on the main points.

6) Upload this summary here.

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