Discuss why you think emotional intelligence is important in our personal and professional lives.

Emotional intelligence is an umbrella term that covers various skills, abilities, competencies which are referred to as soft skills or interpersonal skills which are outside the areas of general intelligence and professional or technical skills. Many researchers have claimed that in order to be an effective and fully functioning , one must need Emotional intelligence along with the traditional intelligence which is IQ.. Emotions are an innate part of human beings and it can be negative or positive emotions which are influenced by our interaction with the environment. The innate nature of emotions is usually not within an individual’s control but is shaped by the interaction and they meaning the individual give to the interactions. Emotions play a huge role on human behavior; it influences the motivation factor and is involved in decision making and thinking. Emotions are explained by the concept of Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is the process of identifying and utilizing emotions to manage one’s own thought and behavior as well as to interpret other’s emotions in order to guide one’s own behavior. Emotional intelligence is an important aspect of human behavior as it influences how one can handle stress and changes in the environment and the outcomes whether it is positive or negative will also be shaped by EI. Our social interactions and our responses are predominantly influenced by Emotional Intelligence (Paul et al., 2016).

EI is extremely important for our professional lives. The work environment in an organization may have different situations that require one to manage and control one’s emotions. The behavior and attitude that an individual displays may not be appropriate in the context of an organization (Gopinath 2011). The emotional intelligence and its competencies help an individual to deal with challenges that our personal as well as professional life and EI provides flexibility that guide one to manage their emotions (Balamohan & Gomathi 2015).

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Discuss why you think emotional intelligence is important in our personal and professional lives.
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