Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness Assignment
Accidents, fires, severe storms, power outages, earthquakes, and acts of terrorism are just some of the potential emergencies
that you may encounter. In order to handle these emergencies to the best of your ability, it is pertinent that you are prepared.
Develop a plan of action & provide details in what you would have in a disaster supply kit (the items you would need in order
to survive a disaster situation). Use a checklist/bulleted format as opposed to an essay format. BE SURE YOU ADDRESS
anything that you feel you should be prepared for. Completing #1-#3 will give you 10 hours. See #4 for more hours.

Disaster Preparedness 1
Your assignment is to:
1. Create a list as to what you would have in a disaster supply kit. What would you need in order to survive?
Make a list of about 20-25 items that would be vital to have.
o This should include, but is not limited to: Flashlights, radio, contact information, medicines, clothing, etc.
Include a first aid kit. List the contents of what should be available in a first aid kit
2. Create a layout of your house or apartment or place of business. Once created, document the following:
Escape routes: How would you evacuate if there was a fire? Where should everyone meet?
The safest place during a tornado or inclement weather. Discuss why this is the “safe place” to be during storms or
Utility shut-off and safety: Identify and provide location of how you could turn off electricity, water, gas; where are fire
extinguishers, smoke detectors, etc. located? Do you have a security system?
3. Other things to consider/include:
• Insurance and vital records: List all records (be specific in listing these records). Where are these records kept or where
should they be? Make sure you research this information!!!
• Family communications: who would be a contact person outside the area you could contact in case of an emergency?

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Disaster Preparedness 1

technology failed and you could not text or use apps and/or social media to let everyone know you or other family members
were safe, who could serve as a liaison for you?
• Special needs: Consider all that apply. Eye glasses, medications, physical conditions.
• Caring for animals: What to do with Fluffy and Fido?
4. Discuss various situations/events and how you could be prepared for it. Provide as many details as possible, but please do
this in Bulleted format. For each emergency situation you cover, you will receive three (3) hours
• Fires
• Floods
• Severe storms: hurricanes, tornadoes
• Winter storms
• Pandemics
• Earthquake
• Acts of terrorism

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