Disadvantages of Living in a Big City Essay

The city is a place where all industrial, cultural and educational centers are situated. Therefore, there are countless job opportunities and activities to occupy one’s time. However, there are many reasons why living in a big city is not always advantageous in terms of unemployment, cost of living and being crowded. First of all, in big cities, unemployment rate is high. Lots of people migrate to cities with the aim of finding a job and having a good life. Therefore, there are more labourers (workers) than job openings so many people compete for a single job.

Thus, people cannot find a job easily and get disappointed. Secondly, the cost of living is typically higher in big cities. Rents are high because there is less land but many people. For example, the rent of a house in Beşiktaş is around 1000 Liras.

It is too high for many people who work in ordinary jobs. Besides, food is expensive, too. Therefore, unless you have a well-paid job, you cannot afford to do many things in a big city.

Another disadvantage is that cities are overcrowded. Many people immigrate to cities to study or to find a job. Streets are full of people and public transportation vehicles are packed. For example, restaurants are always crowded so you have to wait for an open table and on a long line. To sum up, living in a big city has many disadvantageous such as unemployment, cost of living and crowdedness. Therefore, people should think twice before moving to big cities.

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