Dior Essay

Moving to the main focus of the ad, the woman herself. As can be seen through her facial expression, she has a perfectly calm and sharp intese gaze directly to the camera. This is a direct eye contact with the audience showing that she is not fearful and have nothing to hide, showing that she has power and have a high reputation, This shows to the audience how you could be just as confident and powerful as the model in the ad.

Especially when theres still gender inequality where womens voice are powerless, this ad helps women to feel that they have significance. Through her body language we can see that she is walking down the hallway from her hands one forward and the left is behind her while her head is kept held high which shows that shes walking down with a strong attitude and confidence. This suggest that this object that they are selling can elevate women to a goddess with no flaws, turning them into objects of adoration which gives an impression that this adoration is desired by women.

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Dior Essay
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The models’ curvy body complements the straight and angular background to further contrast the main subject with its background and highlight the woman.

The costume also complements the whole theme of “gold” of the whole ad. From the gold dress, and the golden choker, layered necklace we could see that this whole costume helps to further enhances the curvy, hourglass body shape of the model and encantuates the length of her neck. The tight dress means the model is showing of what she have and have confidence doing so, with the hourglass body shape further informs the audience that this body shape is what is desired and shows that this is the standard for you to be considered as “pretty”. Furthermore, the curves of the model have the similar curve to the bottle which draws the attention of sensuality or sexiness. From the costume, it shows that bottle of perfume is able to change your identity to that model, due to the fact that the model body curves looks like the replica of the bottle, and with the layered chocker necklace that is mirrored to the lines on the neck of the bottle is a tool to getting the target audience confidence in the product into believing that they need this extra product to make them feel accepted and look just like the “beautiful” model.

From the location of the shot, as said previously that this was taken in the hallway of the museum with gold furnishes in the blurred background. The wash of gold is not only to catch the audiences attention but also to bring classy or luxuriousness to the advertisement and give the idea that only wealthy people would ware this. The mirrors could be represented as the idea of self-reflection, to unconciously or conciously compare themselves to the model whether they are “pretty” enough to not buy the product being sold through this ad. As previously mentioned that the whole theme of the advert evolves around the colour gold, making it looks glamorous. From the golden skin complextion, golden blonde hair and the golden shining light in tje background, the lighting further enhances the whole advertisement that gives the message that if you use his product, you will be sublimated and illuminated. And the copy in the whole ad contains the word J’adore which means “I Love” in a serif font which signify something minimal and modern. The J’adore words itself is french that shows uniqueness, elegance, and sophistication. The words flows with each letters slightly raised and lowered, that gives the flowy look that further emphasise the curves of the bottle and the model, with the font colour in white that shows the contrast with the dark shadows in the background.

This ad not only target young women to buy this product to feel worthy and accepted but it is also marketed to the males. The model shows skin, which draws mans attentions and makes him think of his significant other and believing if she used it, she would look just like the model in the ad and with that it persuades him to buy it for his partner. Through this advertisement they have successfully promotes sensuality and what is considered as woman beauty standards. This can result in negative impacts to some target audiences like negative self-image, and young girls would try to act older than they are. This ad shows women what they need to look like in order to be attractive and as a solution, use their product. And unconciously, this ad made you ask yourself, “how attractive do you find youself?” And “how satisfied are you with your body?”, and With that many people aim for better lifestyle, better looks and more attention. This shows how vulnerable we humans are by using just an ad to control our mindset what youre supposed to look like. With their use of juxtapositions and enless of endorsements, the media has become such a dark place. This ad has used our vulnerable points in a women like our insecurities, self doubts or anxiety to sell their products without us knowing it which makes it such a powerful form of advertisement

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