Digital Divide

It is a fact that there has been a rapid advancement in technology in the developed countries especially in the 21st century (Jennifer Light 2001). Considering the fast pace of globalization, many people would believe that it is not possible to bridge the global digital divide, but I dare say it is possible

One of the challenges of bridging the digital divide is solving the usability gap where many people still don’t know how to use technology such as a computer even if it is offered to them for free (Jennifer Light 2001). For those that can at least use the technology, they lack the skills to manipulate it so as to access all the benefits of having that technology. Therefore showing the need for capacity building among those of poor technological literacy levels to boost their ability to use technology sensibly and to manipulate it accordingly to meet their interest.

Common in the developing countries is the connectivity and accessibility divide where due to economic constraints, the population lacks the necessary ICT (information and communication technology) infrastructure to connect to the rest of the world (Lukasz Arendt, 2008). Governments through donations from countries like China are allocating money in their budgets to boost electricity access and building ICT infrastructure, and for sure, Africa is catching up

The third solution is developing applications and content in a way that considers the differences in language among people of different countries and regions (Lukasz Arendt, 2008). This will ensure content will offer a greater benefit to its users.

It is possible to solve the problem of digital divide if at all people are equipped with the right skills, have the necessary infrastructure and content is useful to them. This way people will be empowered.



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