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DIGIKARTSarathraj GovindanComputer Department StudentK.C College of Engineering & ManagementStudies & ResearchMumbai University, Thane Siddesh KotianComputer Department StudentK.C College of Engineering & ManagementStudies & ResearchMumbai University, ThaneAbstract- This project is aimed at developing a website named DIGIKART which is for painters of different genres. The DIGIKART site will let customers to view and order paintings online from any part of the world. The site sells different genres of paintings. Under this website different genres of paintings can be ordered. This project is specifically created only for painters and all legitimate artist or buyer will be given authorized accessed to sell or buy from the website.

Different genres of paintings will get updated each month on the website. In this project we are solving different problem affecting to direct sales management and purchase management. As unique as some artists are, sometime people might like a painting in exhibition which is already bought which they can order or request an artist for the same.

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Digikart IEEE Essay
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People who like to go for Painting exhibition but don’t have time to go for the same due to some other personal issues can watch the painting’s on website which will be displayed after the exhibition.Keywords- Online Shopping Website, Paintings, Painters, e-commerce, Payment.INTRODUCTIONShopping Cart is a growing trend and used business paradigm. More and more business houses are implementing web sites providing functionality over the web. It is reasonable to say that the process of shopping on the web is becoming commonplace. The Objective of this project is to develop a general purpose shopping cart store where any painting can be bought from the comfort of home through the Internet. However, for implementation purposes, this paper will deal with an online Artworld. The DIGIKART is a virtual store on the Internet where customer can browse and select painting of interest. The selected item may be collected in a shopping cart. At checkout time, the item in the shopping cart will be presented as an order. At that time, more information will be needed to complete. Usually, the customer will be asked to fill or select the billing option, address, name and other details.Pratyush KambliComputer Department StudentK.C College of Engineering & Management Studies & ResearchMumbai University, ThaneProf. Sulochana Madachane Computer DepartmentK.C College of Engineering & ManagementStudies & ResearchMumbai University, Thane..AIM AND OBJECTIVESThis project is a web based E-Commerce website that sells paintings through buy and sell option in accordance to the buyer and seller.This site concurrently provides a platform for the upcoming painters to sell their paintings and gain recognition. This project has the optimal solution that gives liberty to the people to sell their own paintings as per their need and specification of their painting.The purpose of this project is to make people more convenient to sell their paintings. LITERATURE SURVEYPurchase IntentionFrom the study of Pan (2007, p.5), the author cited from Engel, Blackwell and Miniard (1990), that defines purchasing intention as a psychological process of decision-making. According to Pan (2007), purchasing decision process is when the relevant information is searched by the consumers that are motivated by the fulfillment of demands according to personal experience and the external environment; then after accumulating a certain amount of information, they begin to evaluate and consider; and finally after comparison and judgement, they make the decision on certain products.Consumer’s trait includes their demographic factors such as age, income, gender and educational level will lead them to have the intention to shop online. For age factor, consumers that are aged under 25 has more potential to shop in online because of their interest in using new technologies to search for product information and compare and evaluate alternatives (Wood, 2002). For educational level, higher educated consumers are more likely to use the internet for their shopping medium because they are more computer literate (Burke, 2002).Time savingTime is also perceived as one of a factor that relates with intention to purchase in a shopping context. It is believed that consumers have their own perception of time, whether or not to shop from the internet. According to Hansen and Jensen (2009), accomplishing the shopping trip as soon as possible refers to the time-saving oriented consumers and they prefer store choices favoring quick shopping; people who dislike shopping and approaching for time saving retail stores refers to the economic shoppers or known as problem-solvers.In online shopping, it requires less effort and better decision making for consumers who opt to purchase at the e-store (Jiang and Rosenbloom, 2005). Shoppers may save their time in e-shopping because they do not have to go through any effort on travelling to a mall or saving their time in other psychology factors such as traffic jam etc. TangibilityRegardless of online shopping or offline shopping, tangibility is expected to be a factor that consumers will consider during the purchasing process. Tangibility products including shoes and clothes; although it is considered as standardized products, consumers need to feel it and touch it to make their purchasing decisions (Rajamma, Paswan and Ganesh, 2007). Consumers are particular about the tangibility of a product is because they need the security and assurance of the product purchased is in a good condition and assurance of purchasing the right thing.High InteractivityInteractivity is defined as the degree to which two or more communication parties can act on each other, on the communication medium, and on the messages and the degree to which such influences are synchronized (Liu and Shrum, 2002, p.54). According to McMillan and Hwang (2002), interactivity is defined as direction of communications, user control and time. Interactivity can be applied in online and offline shopping. The terms of interactivity in an online context is based on the detailed information given, easy-to-read or descriptive information is available (Park and Stoel, 2005) and also the degree of communication between the buyer and the seller. In an offline context, interactivity will be based on the atmosphere of the shopping mall and also the interaction between the consumer and the shop’s promoter.Characteristics of e-consumers E-consumer of the twentieth century is young, professional, and affluent with higher levels of income and higher education (Palumbo and Herbig, 1998). They value time more than money, which automatically makes the working population and dual-income or singleparent households with time constraints better candidates to be targeted by non-store retailers (Burke, 1997). Actually, both demographics and personality variables such as opinion leadership or risk averseness are very important factors that are considered in studies trying to determine the antecedents of Internet purchases (Kwak et al., 2002). Confirmatory work shows that income and purchasing power have consistently been found to affect consumers’ propensity to shift from brick-and-mortar to virtual shops (Co-mor, 2000)IV.PROBLEM STATEMENTNow a days painters face a problem selling their paintings to a legitimate level.Due to very busy schedule of legitimate buyers, work hour ,rush hour they are not exposed to every possible painting.People may face many difficult problem while buying paintings at malls ,colleges ,cinemas and exhibition.So,to solve all these problems, we developed a centralized E-Commerce website for painters, which can be easily sold to the buyers.5. The purpose of the project entitled DIGIKART is to give platform to current and upcoming generation of painters by developing a software which is user friendly and simple.6. It contains paintings of different genres by which user can filter the painting they want to buy or sell accordingly.7. The main function of the website is to buy or sell the paintings which they cannot see by going in exhibition.8. We will provide an admin account, an user account which will be divided in 2 parts of buyers and sellers and a guest account to just view the paintings on the website.PROPOSED METHODOLOGY1. The User will visit the website and register and create an user login. 2. After creating the user account the user will be able to browse for different genre of painting. 3. If user likes painting they should add the painting to the cart to know if that painting is available or not. 4. If the user wants to buy a particular painting then the user will have to fill the purchase information and complete the payment. 5. Admin will login into is account and will check everything is in order. 6. Admin can insert and delete the painting 7. Admin will be able to monitor the orders.92710582295AlgorithmClient side Algorithm.STEP 1: Get startedSTEP 2: Browse for painting.STEP 3: Add to cart.STEP 4: Login/Register.STEP 5: Buy and Proceed/Submit.STEP 6: Stop.Admin side Algorithm.STEP 1: Get StartedSTEP 2: Admin LoginSTEP 3: Add painting.STEP 4: SubmitSTEP 5: StopACKNOWLEDGMENTThis research is partially fulfilled by Sarathraj Govindan , Pratyush Kambli and Siddesh Kotian as a part of final year project of Mumbai University.CONCLUSIONSThe Internet has become a major resource in modern business, thus electronic shopping has gained significance not only from the entrepreneur, but also from the customer’s point of view. For the entrepreneur, electronic shopping generates new business opportunities and for the customer, it makes comparative shipping possible. As per a survey, most consumers are offline stores are impulsive and usually make a decision to stay on a site within a first few seconds. Website design is like a shop interior. If the shop looks poor or like hundreds of other shops the customer is most likely to skip to the other site. Hence we have designed the project to provide the user with easy navigation, retrieval of data and necessary feedback as much as possibleREFERENCESBooks:The Complete Reference HTML.Head FirstMurach’s php and my sql.Online:www.w3schools.comwww.codeacademy.com/en/tracks/webwww.developphp.com

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