Development of the Administrative Structure Essay

1 PHASE 1 (1789- 1883) – THE FORMATIVE ERA

1.1 Introduction

Although Public Administration as a separate academic field was only developed in the early 20th century it is important to study the early history of the field as it gives important insights into the complex governance structure that is currently in existence within the nation. The[b1] first phase began with the setting up of the new government under a new constitution by George Washington in 1789, takes a significant change in approach post the election of President Andrew Jackson which gave rise to the spoils system and finally ends with the implementation of the Pendleton Act which marked an end to the spoils system.

The major factors that influenced the creation of an administrative structure during this time period and the reasons why they was modified afterwards will be presented in this section.

1.2 Major Factors

The major factors that influenced the evolution of public administration during the first phase presented chronologically are as follows:

1.2.1 Government under the U.

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