developed into an economy generating industry Given this demand while high rise Essay

developed into an economy generating industry. Given this demand, while high rise residential structures have become a solution in the metropolitan cities, they remain eluded in Low – rise or mid – rise high – density dwelling types have developed in these cities. Bhayender housing needs, demands, market, and type of structuresbeing built, reveal that tall buildings of 11 to 15 floors are being developed on the city’s urban fringe. Most of the high rise projects remain as proposals. An investigation in this case study reveal that high rise structures are not preferred due to user perception of insecurity in case of fire and high cost of the building.

The project aims at studying the availability and use of fly ash in various proportions, which can be usedin Bhayender high rise residential buildings. The penetrating customer indicates that fly ash concrete can be used to reduce the cost of construction and has the potential to minimize the damage caused due to high temperature.Tall buildings throughout the world are becoming popular day by day.

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developed into an economy generating industry Given this demand while high rise Essay
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With the advent of modern day construction technology and computers, the basic aim has been to construct safer buildings keeping in view the overall economics of the project. A high rise building,apartment tower,office tower, apartment block, or block of flats, is a tall buildingor structure used as aresidential and or office use. In some areas they may be referred to as “Multi Dwelling Unit” or Vertical cities. They have the potential to decongest the urban sprawl on the ground level, and increase the urban density, housing higher number of families in lesser space. Benefits include they act as landmarks;create unique skyline and efficient land use.PROVIDING HOME LOAN Home loans are an attractive and popular means of buying a dream house for most people. In India, the demand for home loans has increased manifold in the last decade. The purpose of the study is to study the concept of Home Loan /Housing Finance in today’s scenario. The home loan market in India has grown at a rapid and alarmingrate of over 40% over the period of the last four years. The reports from one of the industry experts, reveals that it is evident that there is very little chance that these will be any significant decline in growth rates in the future. Therefore it becomes important at this point in time to examine the key factors that have been instrumental in triggering this high growth period. These are several reasons that can be considered as having attributed to the growth of the home loan market. On the demand side, the first and the most important factor for the growth has been faster rise in incomes as compared to property prices, thus making housing more affordable.REFERENCES[1] K.Al-Kodmanyand M.Ali Skyscrapers and place making supporting local culture and identity, Archnet IJAR International Journal of Architectural Research,vol. 16, issue 2 , July 2012.[2] K. RangawalaContextual tall buildings in India, CTBUH 2010 World Conference “India, Remaking Sustainable cities in the vertical age, Feb.3rd-5th 2010.[3] V . Chandwani, V. Agrawal, and N . K. Gupta, Role of Conceptual Design in High Rise Buildings,International Journal of Engineering,vol. 2, issue 4, pp.556-560,July-August 2012.[4] National Building Code of India 2005 , Government of India, New Delhi. [5] L.KantaKumar, N.Sawant, and S. Kaur Forecasting Urban growth bases on GIS, RS & SLUETH model in Pune Metropolitan area, International Journal of Geomatics and Gosciences, vol.2, no.2, 2011.[6] Pune Municipal Corporation. Pune and Growth direction.Comprehensive mobility plan for Pune city.[Online]. Available: P. Ahluwalia.Security, safetyof High-rise buildings and non-core Police duties[Online]. Available: Ah luwalia_Premier_Shield_Group.pdf[8] D.M. Sundrani,Consumer perception towards tall buildings , Journal of Bussiness and management, vol. 4, issue 4, pp. 16- 19.[9] J . R . Hall Jr , H igh rise building fires , Natio nal Fire Protection Association, 2005.[10] Construction materials high – rise fire fighting developing better responses to fires in high -rise buildings. [Online]. Available: K. N.Vishwanath and N. Suresh, Fly ash composite concrete under sustained levated temperature ,International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology,ISSN: 2278 -0181,vol. 1,issue 5, July2012.[12] M . A . Hossain, M . N.Islam, and M. R. Karim, Fire resistance of cement mortar containing high volume fly ash, presented at31st conference on our world in concrete & structures, August 16 th ” 17 th 2006, Singapore.[13] K. Arunachalam and R. Gopalakrishnan, Experimental Investigation on high performance fly ash Concrete in normal and aggressive environment , presented at 29th conference on our World in concrete & structures ,25 “26 August 2004. Q1) How many builders are coming up with new projects in thane ?Ans :-Q2) The demand of residential flats in Bhyander is high because of the availability of better Various infra-structure facilities?Ans :-a) yesb) noQ3) The demand of residential flats in thane is high because of the availabilityof better electricity facilities?Ans :-a) yesb) no4 The demand of residential flats in thane is high because of the availabilityof better water facilities?Ans :-a) yesb) no5 The demand of residential flats in Bhyander is high because of the availability ofbetter environmental facilities?Ans :- a) yesb) no6 The environment which is in Bhyander is better, as compared to other cities?Ans :-a) yesb) no7 How many real estate projects comes in Bhyander?Ans :-a) 10b) 15c) More than 20Is there any shortage of residential flats in Bhayender?Ans :-a) yesb) Nowhat is the average income of people living in Bhayender ?Ans :-1) below 3 lacs2) 5 lacs3) 5 lacs or morewhat is the current trend in demand for residential flats in Bhayender ?Ans :-a)Highb) Low

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