dependent-samples t tests and repeated-measures ANOVAs

The readings for this week focus on the concepts of dependent-samples t tests and repeated-measures ANOVAs. In this discussion we will apply those concepts to the analysis of a case study. Read the “ADHD Treatment” case study presented in Chapter 20 of the Online Statistics Education text.

In the body of your posting, include an overview of the following based on the research question, “Does higher dosage lead to higher cognitive performance?”

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dependent-samples t tests and repeated-measures ANOVAs
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  • Hypotheses: List the statistical notation and written explanations for the null and alternative hypotheses for the study.
  • Variables: Describe the independent and dependent variables, their levels, operational definitions, and characteristics (e.g., scale of measurement).
  • Data Analysis: You are given the following informationPreview the document from the ANOVA conducted. Summarize the specific type of statistical test conducted, the results obtained, and conclusions regarding the hypotheses (e.g, can we reject at the .05 or .01 level?). Be sure to describe why this specific ANOVA was selected and if a post-hoc test should be conducted.
  • Critique: Critique the results of the study, paying specific attention to the appropriateness of the analyses conducted, any biases or assumptions that were made, practical significance of the results, and recommendations for improving upon the study (methods or analyses).

Be sure to put information in your own words and cite accordingly.

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