Dear Friends and Family Essay

Dear Friends and Family,

Recently, I was given the opportunity to spend a week this spring in Hawaii to advance the kingdom of God. My current college mentor and spiritual leader has invited me to work alongside him at Hume Hawaii on the north shore of the island, which is a Christian camp for middle and high schoolers. This opportunity will give me the chance to be surrounded by God’s beauty while also getting to serve the teens that live in this beautiful state.

During this week-long experience, I will serve as a counselor, recreation leader, food server, and supervisor in a low-income area. I am reaching out to friends and family for both prayer and financial support. I will need prayer that the Lord will use me as an agent to impact these teens lives forever and even share the Gospel with some that have never heard it before. In addition to prayer, I am trying to raise $2000 to fund my trip.

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Dear Friends and Family Essay
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This cost will cover my flights to and from Hawaii and lodging and food while serving at the camp. Most importantly, half of the money I raise will pay the way for teens to have the opportunity to come to camp that may not have otherwise been able to.

One of the greatest differences is that the Hume Staff is not paid to run the camp, most of us are volunteering. We need to fundraise for this because of (as you can imagine) the cost of flights, housing, food, and prices for the campers, and overall creating an environment for the students to come and feel safe enough to allow Christ to speak to them. I think the coolest part about this trip is that $1000 of the amount mentioned, goes to help campers get to the camp. Every single staff member is to raise money to send middle and high school kids to camp. We don’t ever see this side of Hawaii. The cost of living is way more expensive than here. That is why we are pledged to raise $1000! So that campers that need expense help, will be able to experience Jesus at a Christian camp, maybe even for the first time.

What we don’t see normally is that the youth of Hawaii are experiencing poverty, drug addiction, high suicide rates, teen pregnancy, and domestic violence. During camp, Hume brings their level of excellence from the main site (in California) to the island and creates an environment where the campers can get away from all the distractions in their life and turn their focus to Him. The price for campers of Hume Hawaii is tremendously lower than sites in California because we want to reach as many of these students as possible, so that is why the Hume Hawaii staff fundraises money for them rather than receiving pay.

As a first-time volunteer I’ve been asked to fundraise $2,000; however, my goal is to exceed this price range so that more and more campers will get this trip of a lifetime. If you don’t feel lead or aren’t in a place where you can donate financially the last thing, I want is for any guilt to be felt; rather, I ask that you join me in praying for this trip and the Name of Jesus to be exalted!

If you do choose to donate to this trip, please click the link provided in the email where you can make an online donation. Thank you in advance for your prayers and any donation you might choose to give. I am excited to be a part of the Lord’s work on the North Shore of Oahu.

God Bless,

Gaines Roberts

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