Dbq on Olympic Essay

The technology right now allows people from different countries to communicate with each other, by airplane, cellphone, email. However in 1892, such technology did not exist, but people unite in different way – Olympic. It is an athletic game originally held in Greece city states every four years in honor of Zeus, their god. Shaped by many factors; ever since the first modern Olympic start in Athens in 1896 this competition became international celebrated. Such as the countries ‘pride of associate with Olympic, the impact of conflict political view affects the team, the economic opportunities created by the events, and influence of society views on gender role of female.

Document 6 and 10 forms a group, because both relate to the pride of countries for being part of Olympic. Document 6 was written by formal Soviet, state the effort of the country make Moscow chosen to stage 1980 Olympic game. It emphasizes the honor of hosting this competition and sees it as acknowledgement to the country ‘greatness. Document 10 was written to express the lack of pride of Pakistan’s Olympic team.

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Dbq on Olympic Essay
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It relates their performance to previous team which form at partition era, and state how the current team tarnished the country’s name by their poor achievement at competition. Another group is form by document 3 and 4, these include the effect of political views of countries affect the athletes. In document 3, Nazis would do everything in their power to won Olympic. Not to prove they are better in sport than others, but because they want to demonstrate the whole Nazism was superior that democracy. In document 4 it describe the pressure face by American team in 1952. The presence of Soviet team, the advocate for communism, stresses them. They need to prove democracy was better than communism by defeat the soviet athletes in Olympic. Documents 5 and 7 combined together for the reason that both deal with the financial prospects created by Olympic game. In document 5 the author thanks 1964 Olympic was help in Japan.

After WWII the country was at hostile condition, but the power of hosting Olympic made Japan one of a world trade command. In document 7, the writer explain the loss of Korean’s opportunity in Olympic. Even though South Koran was select to stage the game, but none of the Korean company was top sponsor. No matter who earn the trophies at end, corporation sponsor still makes cash. Also document 2 and 8 form a group because it contents the gender role changes over time at Olympic. In document 2, there’s a picture of a woman archer, and it state only two percentage of athlete were female at 1908 competitions. In document 8, after almost hundred years the number of female participant increases to twenty-nine percent. One of the female competitors inspires other woman who has potential to ignore society gender custom and became stronger in mind. In document 1, it explains how Olympic a great beneficial to the world was.

It would reduce the chance of war, and gaining allies for peace. The reason for this point of views is because of the author; he stands the founder of modern Olympic movement, so he obviously would write the statement that supports his actions. Document 9 content a graph showing fee pay to Olympic committee for right of broadcast the game. The point of view showing the improvement of Olympic overtime, more people interesting in it cause the fee to increase. It was publish by Olympic committee, so they want other to realize the enhancement of this competition.

An additional document that would help me better understand the question is the data showing number of countries attending in each Olympic, accompany by timeline of important historical events. By compare the countries number with history I can find the relationship between it. Such as the low number of countries attend the Moscow Olympic in 1980 was caused by US led boycott to Soviet. Another document that would enhance my knowledge would be the process of chosen hosting country for the game. It would be benefit to know how the country earns the right to stage the game because all the other document did not provide guideline for select the country.

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