Data Visualization – Bandar Alqabbaa Essay

Data Visualization and Geographic Information SystemsBy: Bandar AlqabbaaMBA student at SEU23 / March / 2019IntroductionData visualization is used in understanding the significance of data after it has been placed in visual context. When using text-based data, it is hard to detect the patterns, correlations, and trends but with visualization, it is easier to monitor the changes in information. The visualization data is presented in different ways such as Infogrames, fever charts, geographic maps, heat maps, pie charts, dial gauges, and geographic maps. The data collected is then analyzed and used in decision making and establishing improvements that need to be conducted.

Wal-Mart is one of the recognized business which uses data visualization in their operations. Wal-Mart is one largest retailed in the United States, and it gets lots of customers. Through data visualization, the business is able to determine the trends of the customers and how to satisfy them. The following work will establish the technologies, business units, and benefits of data visualization at Wal-Mart.

Technologies in the OrganizationWal-Mart uses various technologies in data visualization. Sisense is one of the software technologies, and it is a business intelligence platform which is used in visualizing the information needed in making better decisions. Agile analysis software is used as it contains a full range of data visualization. The technology has been chosen at Wal-Mart because it is easy to set up, explores a wide range of data and has interactive dashboards (Segall & Niu, 2018). Zaho analytics is the other technology, and it uses pivot tables, and KPI widgets thus viewing various components of the customers which help in making decisions as different business units’ work in collaboration. The other technology is tableau, a revolutionary approach to analyzing data. The technology is able to visualize, connect and share data in different business units is a quick and easy approach thus helping in making first decisions.Business Units Using the Technology The human resource department uses the technologies in collecting the information of the employees. It helps establish the performance of the workers at Wal-Mart thus helping in making decisions such as training or motivation that the workers may require. When the workers are motivated, Wal-Mart will be benefiting most which mean it is essential to keep inspired and satisfied. The finance unit also collects visual data to monitor the performance of the company (Byrd, 2018). The amount that is received per day, the products which are being purchased most, the products which are lest purchased, and profits and loses per month and annually information is collected in this unit. The information is essential to determine the financial position of the business and to establish if there are improvements that are required. The marketing business unit also conducts data visualization which helps to determine the purchasing trends of the customers and if there should be improvement done. Benefits of the TechnologyData visualization has enabled the assimilation of business information. The visuals and images are compiled into intelligence reports which are vivid through the charts and tables. The information is then used by the decision makers in establishing what should be prioritized at Wal-Mart for improvement purposes. The condition of the business is also established thus helping in decision making. Data visualization enables Wal-Mart to make quick access to essential business insights. The company is able to locate the information they require and it one of the factors that Wal-Mart has been more productive compared to other retailers (Segall & Niu, 2018). The intelligence is then used for improving business operations. Through data visualization, the rapid identification of the latest trends is possible. It enables the leaders at the company to make decisions such as customer satisfaction and market niche development. Data visualization has also helped to be more accurate when analyzing consumer sentiments. It helps in the identification of the available and emerging opportunities that the company can utilize for improvements. The last benefit of data visualization is analyzing predictive sales considering that real-time data is used and can help forecast the future.Present and Future Impacts of the TechnologyFrom a business perspective, data visualization has improved the operations at Wal-Mart, has enabled making informed decisions and helped in achieving customer satisfaction thus keeping Wal-Mart very competitive. The business is able to utilize the analyzed data to determine the sentiments of the customers and making sure that they are provided with services which will ensure satisfaction. The data such as the performance of the employees is used to make a decision such as training and motivation approaches that Wal-Mart should adopt (Byrd, 2018). It is expected that in the future, data visualization will make Wal-Mart, the most competitive retailer in America. It will also enable the company to expand internationally as visualization will be used in determining the best markets to venture in and the profitability that will be expected. Improvements in the Technology Data visualization will make Wal-Mart explore other software’s which are more effective in data analysis or those which can be used in specific business units to give desired results. The adoption of Domo, for instance, which is a self-service technology that focuses on social collaboration only will improve Wal-Mart social world. The customers can get somewhere to interact, and the business is able to get feedback, which is essential for business survival (Segall & Niu, 2018). Wal-Mart may also explore other possible markets by conducting analytics of the environmental market. The survival tactics of other retailers will also be established and how Wal-Mart is supposed to penetrate a new market. Wal-Mart will also predict likely future performance, and they will implement strategies that will be used to ensure that the prospected profitability is achieved. Conclusion Data visualization enables businesses such as Wal-Mart to gain business intelligence. The intelligence is essential to the survival of a company as it guides in making decisions and solving problems faced in the place. Analysis helps in following both internal and external information which has a significant influence on the business. The big data collected in simplified into visual tables and charts which is used in different business units to determine which changes are required. When data analytics is conducted correctly, it can help achieve profitability and expansion. References:Byrd, V. (2018, October). Introducing Data Visualization: A Hands-on Approach for Undergraduates. In E-Learn: World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education (pp. 730-736). Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE).Segall, R. S., & Niu, G. (2018). Overview of Big Data and Its Visualization. In Handbook of Research on Big Data Storage and Visualization Techniques (pp. 1-32). IGI Global.

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