Data Communication and Networks

You must install a network with 20 computers for a new business that wants to run TCP/IP and have access to the Internet. The ISP in town will assign you only two public IP addresses, so you decide to assign the computers addresses in the range through You also need to install a network monitoring tool to the central server to monitor network activities which shows status of each computer in the network. You need to report the following to your supervising boss before you are assigned with the project.

Part I:

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Data Communication and Networks
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  • Each students of the group need to identify a freeware tool that can monitor the entire network and show status of each computer in the network. [3 marks]
  • Each student need to prepare a report which detail of the identified tool and its features. You should use a number of screenshots of the tool and its features that will help you to monitor network activities. [12 marks]

Your report should not exceed 5 pageslimit and screenshots should not be collected from internet.



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