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Today, technology is raising a host of ethics issues. There are questions on what to say or not on social media or what to post or not. One of big ethics issues currently is property disclosures. It occurs year after year (Sims, 2002). I will discuss the issue and how to handle it.

Entry of new property into the market. When you want to advertise entry of a new property to the consumers you ought to do it the right way. First, get the owners authorization before you advertise the property or give a notice of sale of a property. Second, check the state license laws. The law might require you to have a listing agreement in place before you advertise the product. You cannot let other associates in your firm show the product if you have stated in the MLS that it is not available for showing (Sims, 2000).. If this happens, the associates could be construed as a misinterpretation of its availability. If the property is listed as available for showing, other associates from any firm have to be able to show it. If the buyers have interests in the product, then direct them back to their exclusive representative if they have one. Do not provide them with substantive services.

In today’s markets, multiple offers are on the increase as prices rise and interests go down. In such a situation, first present all offers as objectively and quickly as possible. If the buyer or a broker asks you about the offers and you have been given approval by the seller, then disclose the existence of all offers as well as their sources (Sims, 2002). When you have signed an agreement to act as the buyer representative, let the buyer know that the seller or seller’s representative may not treat the existence, terms, or conditions of their offer as confidential. The offer is treated confidentially if the seller or seller’s agent is required by law, regulation or agreement to do so.



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