Culligan Water Market Paper Essay

Week 2: Marketing a ProductCandee Grussendorf

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Culligan Water Market Paper Essay
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Week 2: Marketing a Product“Hey, it Culligan Man”, is what most people think about when it is regards to the water industry because the name has been around for over eight years. Culligan Water has taken the industry to new heights with their products and services. The Total Whole House Water Filtration System fills a definite need in the market for consumers today to remove the contaminates and provide their consumers with highest quality of water for general use keeping their family and homes as happy and healthy as possible.

Culligan water systems produce help and extend the life of the consumers pipes, appliances, fixtures clothing and the health of one’s family. Culligan believes it is their corporate responsivity to do a good job for their customers, their communities, and their environment is what drives them, and what connects them, because they are all in it together with their customers.

CITATION Com19 l 1033 (Culligan, 2019)Target Market

Most of consumer demographic consists of homeowners who have graduated with a four-year, college degree and earn a household income of $65,000 or more. Potential consumers most likely choose to vote, recycle, and donate to charity. A main reason people purchase water softeners is to feel better in numerous ways. These consumers like the idea of healthier, cleaner water. It is the benefits that attract the consumers such as cleaner laundry, spotless dishes, health and preserving the life or their homes and appliances. This ultimately draws more to women. The primary market consists of men and women between the ages of 34-65CITATION Cha18 t l 1033 (Chaturvedi, 2018). There is growth in the industry in all segments of the industry. The information and research provided is with focus into the water treatment products such as the total home water filtration system sold by Culligan Water. The demand for water treatment equipment is expected to increase 6.1% per year to $3.3 billion in 2023. CITATION The19 l 1033 (The Freedonia Group, 2019)Product1

The Total Home Water Filtration System is just one of the many products and services offered by Culligan Water. The whole house water system provides and all in one solution for handling the unique water needs of individual households. It’s the most complete water softening and filtration system that uses whole house water filter technology to thoroughly clean and soften water running through your pipes and out of every tap. The Culligan Total Home Water Filtration System is designed to ensure:

Smooth Operations: The ACCUSOFT Microprocessor works even in power outages, the CUL-FLO-VALV® makes operations easy, and the high-grade quartz underbidding distributes water evenly, maximizing water flow.

 Reliability: The Dub-Safe brine refill valve provides peace of mind during refill, the Quadra-Hull® Tank is built with multiple layers of construction to deliver dependable operations and the non-corrosive control valve enables years of reliable service.

 Durability: CULLEX® resin provides maximum capacity, stability and long-lasting operation. CITATION Com19 l 1033 (Culligan, 2019). Provided below is an image of the system CITATION Com19 l 1033 (Culligan, 2019).

53340076200Culligan Water is owned by Culligan International which is listed as a private subsidiary, headquarters. The corporate family is made up of forty-six other companies. They define themselves as the worlds water experts. Cullinan International reports some 800 dealers working in over 90 countries. Today its filtration systems serve the biggest structures in the world, from Burj Khalifa in Dubai to the largest cruise ship Harmony of the sea. Their products are also backed by the NSF, Water Quality Association and the Underwriters LaboratoriesCITATION Dun19 l 1033 (Dun & Bradstreet, 2019).


The pricing for the product is based upon first the water analysis testing then the water technician will quote a price for the equipment. The systems range between $2,000.00 – $10,000.00. They offer free installation and even offer rental options so the customer can rent to own. They also don’t offer any promotions or specials on their website just to contact the local dealer for that information, Billing for the product is based upon credit approval for a payment plan. The financial information is not available, so the interest rate is unclear. The rental of the equipment is an option no other company offers in the industry, but the customer too must be approved through a credit check and approval process.


Culligan has recently launch a national campaign advertising in all sectors of the media. The campaign is called “For the important things in your life, Culligan says you’ll want to give them give cleaner, softer water. In the commercial Culligan rhymes about the improvements that its water could have like making green beans green beanier and removes toxicicky toxins. The water filtration system encourages you to visit its website to schedule a free in-home water test. In total, Culligan is airing two 30-second spots and five 15-second spots on TV along with a robust selection of digital and social offeringsCITATION Pas18 l 1033 (Pasquarelli, 2018). Independently promotions vary but locally their advertisements on their service vehicles, also radio and tv. Culligan invests a great deal of time and money into their marketing and advertising. Independent dealers have the option to use their promotional ads or their own.


In closing Culligan International and all the independent dealers all over the world with clean healthier lifestyle through water. The service they provide is great, but their websites are not that informative regarding the product and their process. Also, the marketing is fair considering they are on television, the radio. The product is not backed with or advertised with any sort of guarantee like some of the industry competitors. This assignment has been approached with familiarity in the industry due to previously working in the industry as a water technician/sale represented. Culligan Water is a brand most consumers are familiar with or have heard of giving them an advantage in the industry, they problem solvers the consumer has a problem and Culligan Water provides the solution. Regardless, of the cost the system is an investment not only adding value to the home itself but also into the families. The benefits outweigh the investment. The industry is broken down into several segments this company has a role in every one of them. Water is a need to survive without its humans would no longer exist nothing would; so, there will always be a market for clean water, Culligan Water is not a personal favorite but all in all the service they provide is superior. The industry will continue to grow with the independent dealers all over the world.


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