“Critical thinking is the opposite of creative thinking.” Do you agree? Provide examples of why you agree or disagree.

Critical thinking

It is right to acknowledge that critical thinking is the opposite of creative thinking as they are two expressions that indicate a big difference between them in terms of their fundamental definitions and meaning. Creative thinking is stretching far beyond the disadvantages and being original and fresh in an individual’s ideas (Halpern, 2014). On the other perspective, critical thinking is more of an evaluation and typically focuses on analyzing a given scenario; hence, one can summarize that while creative judgment is generative in purpose, critical opinion is analytical in a mission. Creative thinking is still considered as a procedure that is used to generate a list of new, unique and carried possibilities and ideas. It initiates a fresh viewpoint and at times alternative solution to tackle a given challenge as creative thinking engages the act of exploring suggestions, generating options and developing various theories. Creative thinking has skills such as flexibility, originality, adaptability, imagination, and brainstorming.

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“Critical thinking is the opposite of creative thinking.” Do you agree? Provide examples of why you agree or disagree.
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On the other perspective, critical thinking is viewed as the procedure of effectively analyzing, understanding, synthesizing and examining the data obtained from experience, observation or communication. It is the act of thinking in a clear, rational and thoughtful way with the objective of making informed decisions and judgments. It engages the ability to remain objective, questions a particular act, use logic and reason effectively towards a problem (Halpern, 2014). In other words, critical thinking is mostly utilized in institutions including businesses in making detailed information regarding business operations while creative thinking can be applied in areas including poetry. Other differences between the two include the act that creative thinking tries to generate something innovative while creative thinking tends to evaluate the worth or legality of something that before now exists. Creative thinking concentrates on the possibilities while critical thoughts are focused on the likelihood of something happening. Lastly, creative thinking is met by disregarding allowed ethics while creative thinking is fulfilled through using established principles.



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