Critical Book review

For this assignment you are required to write a 2200-2,500-word review essay on Megacity Malaise: Neoliberalism, Public Services and Labor in Toronto (Carlo Fanelli, 2016)** I uploaded the PDF of this book in the account. The assignment has two parts:


  1. The first part is composed of a 1500-word, in-depth review of the book. Here in particular you should provide:

1)a concise summary of Fanelli’smain argument(s),

2)the theories he uses to defend his analysis

3)a concise summary of the book which should include a summary of all chapters, and

4)inwhat ways has Megacity Malaise changed (or not) your understanding of public services in Toronto?


  1. The second part is composed of a 1000-word, in-depth focus discussion. Here you need to choose one (or two) chapter(s) and provide an in-depth analysis of the chapter by addressing questions provided below through discussion and examples.
    1. Whether and how does Fanelli bring the territorializedand racialized dimensions of urbanization into his analysis of labor politics and public services in Toronto?
    2. In what ways do your own everyday life experiences of living and using public services in the Toronto region relate (or not) to Fanelli’s analysis?


Format:2200-2500 words, 12’ Times new romans, proper citations and APA style
Below are some suggestions for writing your book review

  1. In writing this assignment think of it as an essay. Like any other essay your book review should consists of 3 main sections: an introduction, a body and a It’s always useful to have a title for your essay that (directly or indirectly) communicates your main argument. Thinking of and having a title would help you and the reader (me!) to focus better.
  2. The purpose of the intro is to tell your readers what’s your essay is about (in our case your review of Megacity Malaise). You then need to give a roadmap of how you’d do this review (i.e. concise summary of the book, focusing on chapter x)
  3. Breakdown the body of your essay into sub-sections and give each section a title (i.e. summary of the book, your chosen chapter, etc.). This would help your writing process.
  4. The summary section should be in your own words. Please keep in mind that any simple rephrasing of the book’s introduction/chapters or other published reviews of the book will be considered plagiarism and you will NOT gain any marks.
  5. Conclusion: you simply sum up your argument in your conclusion – without adding any new analysis/info. Here you can also mention whether as an undergrad student you’ve found the book accessible and useful or not (max. a paragraph).
  6. Make sure to include page numbers, proper citations and referencing in APA style, and check for your grammar and spelling.
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