Critical Analysis

Assessment task details and instructions : There is two journal articles, one related to developmental psychology and one related to social psychology. You should critically analyse each of these articles separately. Each analysis piece should be around 750 words long, including the title and any subtitles; the total word count should not exceed 1500 words. In order to successfully complete the task, in reviewing each article, you should address the following: for more information read,

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Briefly describe the study, including details of: Assessment Information/Brief. a. Its aim(s) and hypothesis/hypotheses b. The employed methodology c. The sample d. Key finding(s) and their relation to the hypothesis/hypotheses. 2. Critically analyse the study, considering: a. How well the study has addressed its aims b. The suitability of the methodology (e.g. to address the aims, for these participants) c. Other strengths and weaknesses of the study d. How the study relates to other studies e. What the study contributes to the existing literature 3. Provide a conclusion, summarising your overall judgment of the study, with recommendations for how future research could address the identified limitations of the study, and further contribute to the literature.

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