Creative Brief Template (IMC Brief) Essay

1Marketing Objectives

The brand’s marketing objectives such as share or volume goals, summary of market situation, key competitor activity, marketing issues and challenges. H&H’s successful brand image and channel development resulted in an over 60% market share in Taiwan and around 20%-70% of market share around the world. Marketing issues and challenges faces within the company and the brand darlie.For them to keep ahead in the ever-changing market, and continue its expansion plan, H&H-CP needed a complete channel strategy.

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Creative Brief Template (IMC Brief) Essay
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Specifically, it wanted to, further increase the volume of purchase by the channels, and completely edge out competitors.

The challenges face within the brand is the protray of racism to the black and religious commuity which H&H have been trying to change its packaging and its brand darkie to darlie. However until date, the logo of the toothpaste still exsist which cost a stir to the community and also the market as many people will boycott the product.

Build a strong, technology-superior channel management system without disrupting the existing one. Their competitor includes, pearlie white, sensodyne, Kodomo and systema. These are the leading competitor that have been significant in the singapore market.

2Communication Objectives

What the communication needs to accomplish (e.g. change awareness, attitude, opinion, consideration or perception, etc… including quantitative measures, what consumers are expected to think, feel or do.

The Hawley & Hazel Group is a reliable and trusted manufacturer of high quality oral care products, including the world-renowned Darlie brand of toothpastes and toothbrushes. Established in 1933, Hawley & Hazel has enjoyed a long history as one of the most respected and recognised oral care names in Asia. Darlie toothpastes and toothbrushes are a firm family favourite for generations of consumers across the region. It is our goal to give our consumers a healthy and sparkling white smile, enabling them to feel attractive and confident, wherever they are.

The Hawley & Hazel Group’s commercial efforts have attained significant success, and Hawley & Hazel’s toothpaste products, sold under the Darlie brand, are a bestselling household name throughout the region. Today, Darlie toothpaste is one of the market leaders in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, synonymous with clean white teeth and a confident smile everywhere.

3Corporate and / or Brand Positioning

Taken from the corportate and / or brand line brand positioning. Includes target market, frame of reference, and the single relevant differentiated benefit (“RDB” – key benefit). The target market of darlie are most people young and old in the asia region as the leader in oral health care bringing healthy teeth and fresh bright smiles to families and individuals. However due to the racism case they have stop all sales in the USA and some parts of the world as they might be sued or even boycott by the people which racism is highly regarded in the country.

4Brand Character The key phrases or terms which describe the personality the brand should consistently portray. They are dedicated to developing and manufacturing leading edge oral hygiene products that harness the latest technology and some of the most state-of-the-art ideas in the industry. It is our goal to give our consumers a healthy and sparkling white smile, enabling them to feel attractive and confident, wherever they are. Unique fresh-tasting Darlie is your trusted brand in oral health care. It stands for healthy, clean white teeth and a fresh mouth, keeping you attractive and confident wherever you are.

5Target Audience Profile

Demographics, psychographics, lifestyle and behavioural description of the target audience (eg, first time buyers, cautious buyers, brand loyalty status etc), that leads to a key consumer insight, the single most important observation on how the target relates to the brand or category.

The Demographics of targeted customer are situated in the asia pacific region as the darlie sales in U.S have sparkled debates over the brand for many years even though H&H have been trying to change the perception of the people regarding the brand. Age group will be people around the age of 11-50 as darlie has come out with flavours of fresh mint only which does not entice the young to use it and purchase it. The psychographic target audience will be customers that know chinese as H&H have been trying to change the name from darkie to darlie however the chinese name remain the the chinese populated countries where people are aware of the brand for years already. The change of name in chinese populated country will bring down sales as they have been accustom to it for many years.

6Main Message / Communications Focus

The most important message that must be communicated, expressed in consumer language. Must be single minded and linked to the the single relevant differentiated benefit (RDB). During the early days of darlie, they only produce normal tooth paste with one or two flavours to meet the needs of asia communities that are just progressing within their country. Therefore there are not much variation in the benefits it have and they do not look into the different problem faced by people having other oral problems. Now they have shifted towards different tooth care that entice young adults to puchase example whitening product and also products that help with sensitive tooth. Many of the advertisment were taiwanese actors as 80 percent of Taiwanese used Darlie as their toothpaste.

7Support / Permissions to Believe

Key attributes that support the communication focus, reasons why the target audience can believe RDB will be delivered. Can be rational (product claims, features, technologies etc) or emotional (reputation, heritage, historical equities).

For what I can see most advertisement are made using asian stars, this shows that they are trying hard to communicate and focus on asian to buy their products. Thats the reason why I believe they have successfully targeted the audience within their regent. They also seperate their product according to different kinds ranging from sensitive tooth to whitening. Different product have different advertisment to communicate with the target audience which are interested in the various products. Their packaging have also help customer recognise their product easily as they are more vibrant and always glow and get notice by customers easily.

8Current Audience Attitudes / Perception / Behaviour

Relevant attitudes, behaviours and perceptions that need to be changed or will filter the key message (Use substantiating research where possible). Many singaporeans have potrays and naturally refered as colgate to toothpaste. With this statement, this proves that colgate has a very successful marketing communication to the consumers in singapore. This will further hinder in the sales of other brands of toothpaste as consumer always will think of colgate first when buying toothpaste for their own use. Whereas for Darlie, the brand name has been there more many years, but they are popular in the asia regent as chinese customers have always name it as darkie

9Desired Target Audience Response

What they should think, feel and act after exposure to the communication. The promotional mix along with the advertising must be changed to reflect a more positive image of the product brand. Sales promotions, advertising, public relations, and personal selling efforts must be pursued to recapture market share and growth in the future. A reactive strategy is not the solution however a more proactive approach should have been pursued by management. These types of issues must be pursued and anticipated to accommodate the needs of the consuming public.

10Communication Evaluation

How will the audience response be measured or evaluated (Detail research process and timings if relevant)? Every actor that have come out for the advertisement for the darlie are respectable figures with nice white teeth which is able to convince individual into purchasing the product which have been for many years in the industry. Successful new products driving the share gains include Colgate Total Professional Clean, Colgate Max White, Colgate Sensitive Enamel Protect and Darlie Sensitive Gum Protection toothpastes which consist of 18% of market shares around asia as cited in ( during year 2009.

11Executional Manditories

Executional requirements, elements that should or should not be shown. Covers anchor line, copy and/or visual treatment, cultural issues, language, body styles, legal constraints, specific management concerns etc.

The things darlie should look out for is to try to avoid or rather change the perception of the brand slowly as many people have protest on the name of darlie and slowly enter the market in the US and the UK so to enhance maximum profit and capability of the product. They should also stop using the word black man tooth paste in the all chinese advertisment, to avoid further complication with the law.


Creative, Media, Production etc. Detail inclusions and exclusions. Emphasise that concepts that cannot be produced within budget should not be presented.

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