create citation packet outline

-The two topics for this assignment are abortion(against abortion) and Gun Violence(against gun violence).
-This citation packet will include 2 research topics(Listed above) with the following for each:
thesis statement, 5 sources listed, proposed outline and chosen organizational pattern with a Christian worldview behind it.
-Make sure to cite some bible verses.
-Each outline should be around 2 pages each, that is why I requested for 4 pages.
-The citations should be 5 for each outline, that is why I asked for 10 total.
-After I submit this assignment, the professor will be choosing one of the two topics for me to write about. So in about 3/4 weeks, I would need for you to do the actual research paper itself. The research paper will be about 5-7 pages in length.
-I will attach an example of the citation packet outline for you to follow( doesn’t have to be the exact amount of bullet points underneath the body paragraphs, it just needs to follow the same format as instructed).

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