Course – Operations Security – (Masters In Information Systems Security)

 Please describe each question about 250 words in APA format with references 


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Course – Operations Security – (Masters In Information Systems Security)
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1. When organizations are implementing security policies, what business considerations must they take into account and why is this important?

2. When implementing policies and standards, building consensus amongst organizational stakeholders is important. Why is intent vs. need an important consideration?

3. Implementing security policies in an organization requires separation of duties when it comes to the IT staff. What does this concept mean and how do organizations ensure they are compliant?

4. Pick two best practices for User Domain Policies and explain what they are and provide examples of what could go wrong in an organization if these best practices are not followed.

5. Sometimes organizations require team members to access assets and data remotely, when not in the physical facility. It is necessary for organizations to establish Remote Access Domain policies, select one of the Baseline Standards, and explain its importance.

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