Corruption in Bangladesh Essay

corruption is a disease that rots a countrys economic and social condition from the very within. one thing corruption always brings is instability. unfortunately corruption is a problem that every country faces but some face it with more planning and accuracy and some countries just miserably fail to handle such socio-economic problem. corruption always finds a way to dominate such countries economic activities and as a result society faces many problems like inequality unemployment etc. corruption creates unreliability among citizens for the government and due to this government is regarded as a protector of corruption rather than the eradicator.

but is the government only responsible for corruptions growth in a country no but they are held responsible for such activities. corruption hampers the development of a country massively. only way to eradicate this problem is transparency but nowadays its hard to come by. we all know that bangladesh is a developing country but are we developing thats the main question isnt it according to transparency internationals corruption perceptions index cpi bangladesh is placed 143rd.

to simplify we are the 17th most corrupted country out of 180. as previously stated corruption hampers development so being 17th corrupted country of the world how are we developing answer is and that is we are not developing at the rate we should. we still have a long road cross to become a developed country but if we dont handle our corruption problem we will never be able to become a role model of development that we are seeking so highly. corruption is present at all the sectors of our country and deriving it will take a lot of hard work and dedication from the people who can make a difference. but what if the people who can make a difference are corrupt; for that we have anti-corruption commission but is it the most effective way to combat corruption no its not because unless we all aware about the unjust that is transpiring around us no one can make a difference. cases of corruption: 1. hallmark-sonali bank loan scam: hallmark-sonali bank loan scam was a scam perpetrated by the largest state owned commercial bank socb of bangladesh sonali bank by giving a loan of bd taka 3400 crore almost usd 454 million using scam documents between 2010 and 2012. the loan scam occurred when one branch of sonali bank illegally gave out $454 million in loans including nearly $344 million to hallmark group a textile business. tanvir mahmud hallmarks managing director connived with a branch manager to issue fraudulent letters of credit to fictitious companies. 2.2011 bangladesh share market scam: the 2010-11 bangladesh share market scam was a period of instability stock market from 2009 to 2011; the turmoil was in the two bangladeshi stock exchanges dse and cse. the market went up 62% in 2009 and 83% in 2010 but then went down 10% in january 2011 and a further 30% in february 2011.the crash is deemed to be a scam and exacerbated due to government failure. 3. padma bridge graft scandal: the padma bridge graft scandal was a political scandal in bangladesh during 2016 and 2017 involving the bangladesh awami league and the padma bridge. legal action was taken in canada and the case went to court. allegations asserted that canadian construction company snc-lavalin bribed a bangladeshi official in exchange for a construction contract. the corruption allegations were subsequently found to be false and without merit and the canadian court dismissed the case. as a result of the allegations the world bank pulled out of a project to build bangladeshs largest bridge. they cited corruption concerns when they canceled $1.2 billion Ј764 million of credit. the bridge is a 6.51 kilometer four mile road”rail bridge that crosses the padma river. 4. barapukuria coal scam: barapukuria coal scam is a sensational corruption scandal of bangladesh concerning the misappropriation of around 142 hundred thousand tons of coal worth over bdt 227 billion by officials of barapukuria coal mining company limited bcmcl from the coal mine of barapukuria of dinajpur a northern district of bangladesh. the scandal was revealed in july 2018 when a board member of bangladesh power development board went to visit the coal mine and found no fresh coal whereas according to the document there should have been around 142 hundred thousand tons of coal reserved. the matter came in light when a bangladeshi english-language daily reported the incident. petrobangla the parent organization of the bcmcl promptly suspended a few officials in this connection while the anti-corruption commission started an inquiry to trace the corruption. barapukurias coal-fired power plant suspended its operation due to the shortage of coal as an immediate effect of this corruption. these cases are very high profile and so these have lots of rumors and hidden truths added to them. there are many cases like these which are both known and unknown to us and such is the gravity of corruption in this country. we can never truly understand the depths of corruption. psychology behind corruption: what truly drives a person to participate in corruption is it the money is it the power or is it just a habit maybe its all of these and more but only the person committing the crime can tell you the real reason behind it. power does not corrupt. fear corrupts. perhaps the fear of a loss of power.- john steinbeck. this line states that power if you had the taste of it will sometime work as an incentive for you to be a part of corruption and that will always be present in you even if you dont require money. by this line we can assume that sometimes corruption takes place without any valid reason it takes place only because the man who wields the power does it just as a habit. whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. and if you gaze long enough into an abyss the abyss will gaze back into you.- friedrich nietzsche. another famous quote and this one is more interesting because by this line we can assume that sometimes the one who is fighting corruption can become a part of corruption. the reason could be money or other material objects or something else. this quote makes us question our anti-corruption commission because they are supposed to be fighting corruption not join them and if this quote is any true then anti-corruption commission can easily become the biggest ally of corruption. lets hope it doesnt happen. sometimes people who are honest can become dishonest persons because their honesty can become their curse and in the perspective of our country it has a ring of truth. these people have to become a part of this problem because they dont have much of a choice but its not entirely true because you always have a choice but for that you have to look for it. being a part of corruption means whatever your reason is behind participating in it doesnt make you any less of a criminal. whoever for whatever reason is a part of corruption is and always will be a criminal in the eye of law and citizens. solving the curse: corruption is such a disease that cannot be cured overnight to solve this problem we need to have patience and courage. patience will be required because a problem of such magnitude cannot be solved quickly and courage will be required because strong actions will need to be taken against powerful corrupted persons. the road to achieve this will be difficult but the result will be a developed bangladesh which is worth fighting for. to do so first of all we need make sure that law punishes all those who take or demand bribe and those who give it. secondly every government employee has to be accountable for their action and higher authority has to be strong willed in making sure that it happens. moreover citizens needs to identify the corrupt government employees and make sure that the right authorities are informed about such illegal activities. our anti-corruption commission needs to have the legal power and the right personals to take action against the most powerful corrupted persons. our government has to establish law and order and keep the police from becoming a social menace. most importantly we need to set an example for our next generation that corruption will never be tolerated in our country. we all need to grow a conscious and truly love our country then we will be able achieve our dream of becoming a nation of true value and development. when we become a part of government services we instantly become a servant of our nation and its people and its an honor worth keeping. from the biggest post to the lowest we all serve the same purpose that is to contribute in the development progress of our nation. if we betray this sacred purpose we have betrayed our motherland and we have lost our honor and that is a stain that we can never remove. we need to respect our profession and our nation thats the only way we can truly be regarded as a respectable person. we all should remember that we earned our independence to build a great future for our country not to 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