CONTROL MACHINES USING HAND GESTURESRady Khaled RadyProject Supervisor Professor Mohamed Abdel Wahab Essay

CONTROL MACHINES USING HAND GESTURESRady Khaled Rady,Project Supervisor: Professor Mohamed Abdel Wahab, DEPARTMENT: Alameereya integrated technological education cluster, Cairo, EgyptIt has been launched on it on 10, April 2019, Email: [email protected]:Humans always deal with their five senses, but it is important to deal with hand movements while controlling machines that perform complex operations. Hand gestures are more important than ever. It is used to control robots and machines remotely. There are many ways of communication between man and machine can be used by man.

But hand gestures are the world’s future to use in the future because it proved its worth in the recent past. Scientists and researchers have begun to find satisfactory solutions that can be used to spread the idea of hand gestures. It is a hand gesture technique to control the wheelchair remotely. It is really a measure of accelerator s installed on the hand and connected to the main electrical circuit of the system by wire.

These signals are then passed to the Arduino, the system controller, which is compared with the reference values programmed before and starts. By handling it according to programming programmed before, and then send the output to the interface units between the Arduino and motors responsible for the movement of the wheelchair and then transfer the electric power to the motors to move the wheelchair according to the signals Arduino.In this paper, the author worked on human invention and control by hand gestures, in which Arduino Uno was used as the controller. He also used an accelerometer as a hand sensor. He also used Raspberry Pi Microprocessor to control the DC motors that would drive the robot and use motors DC current [1]In this paper I will learn how to connect the electric power to the motors and control their direction by the motor driver model L298N Driver, which I will use in my research project, where he controlled the motors using the microcontroller Arduino and Motor Driver and using the joystick controller as a sensor and code Programming for Arduino for both the sensor and motor Driver I have benefited from the code of the motor Driver and learned from it how to programming [2]In this paper, a circle of accelerometer, controller, motor drive and RF radio circuit is used to make hand gestures. The ADXL335 acceleration meter (which I will work on in my research project) is installed in the hand to sense the movement of the hand and its direction. In space for axes, x, y, zed and then send those values to the controller as follows the clarification of the limbs and functions of each [3]In this paper the author uses an accelerometer of a model containing a unit (MPU-6050). It uses microcontrollers, MSP430g2553. The HC-05 Bluetooth module is also used to control applications such as light and other applications by using wireless hand gestures [4]Aims and objectives and rationale: Depends on the principles of control gestures by using hand gesture sensors easily and safely without any problems or operations or logical calculations and maintains exactly the appearance suitable for use when moving the hand senses the sensitivity of any muscle moving to determine the direction of movementMethodology:Circuit diagram: In this system, the accelerometer sends the data to the Arduino. Arduino will deal with this data and send orders to the relay units which in turn the motors in any direction or stop them.Electronic Circuit: In this circuit I have implemented the power department on the simulator program to make sure of its validity, where I drew Arduino, motors and Relay units, which is responsible for linking them, and then I raised the code for this circuit to test it before actually executing itThen I connected the circuit in fact and I added the accelerometer to it to control the motion of the motors and then I created a programming code and upload it to the Arduino to process the data entered by the accelerometer on the basis of this codePrototype: I designed a small prototype to test the idea and the circuit [5] and test the programming code. I installed the circuit and control the initial model and I supplied wires to the accelerometer and then connected it later [6]Testing:I tested several things by testing the power circuit first and checking the safety of the motors and the relay [5]Then I added the Arduino to the circuit and I uploaded the programming code and tested the circuit again without the accelerometerThen I finally added the accelerometer and made some adjustments in the programming code and then tested the circuit once [6] Test results:The results of the tests contained some changes from the required results, so I modified them and test the circuit again, and the results came as expected [7] This curve illustrates the behavior of the accelerometer and the data it sends to the Arduino according to its position in the vacuum. The circuit worked very well and Arduino has processed the data and the signal in an excellent manner. The role of the accelerometer has functioned to the fullest [8] and there are no problems or new faults in this system. Recommendations:Researchers from both sides can work to make the idea more sophisticated, where they can work to modify the connection between the accelerometer and the Arduino and make it wireless instead of wires and researchers can also develop more functions of the idea of hand gestures such as working on speed control of motors and control in more than one component With some.References:[1] Kausthub N P, Rounak , “Hand Gesture Initiated Motor Operations for Remote Robot Surveillance System using Raspberry Pi Processor on a ZigBee Communication Link,” International Journal of Innovative Research in Electronics and Communications (IJIREC), 5, July 2015, PP 55-62.[2] Dejan Nedelkovski, ” Arduino DC Motor Control Tutorial ” L298N | PWM | H-Bridge,” in Educational site, , 8, July 2018.[3] Vishakha Jamkhedkar, Shraddha Dhakane, Vrushali Patankar, “A STUDY ON GESTURE CONTROL ARDIUNO ROBOT,” International Journal of Scientific Development and Research (IJSDR), May 2018 IJSDR | Volume 3, Issue 5.[4] G.VIJAYA KUMAR, Dr.Y.PADMA SAI, V.NAVEEN KUMAR, A.PRATHIBHA, “HAND GESTURE RECOGNITION USING ACCELEROMETER FOR DISABLED,” in International Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology Research (IJSETR), Volume 3, Issue 12, December 2014.[5] HONGFA RELAY, ” data sheet of relay JQC-3FF,” I took this date 14 March 2019[6] , “data sheet of Accelerometer ADXL335,” , 2009″2010 Analog Devices[7] Tutorial, “data sheet of motor driver L298N,” I took this date 15March 2019[8]Vishakha Jamkhedkar, Shraddha Dhakane, Vrushali Patankar, “A STUDY ON GESTURE CONTROL ARDIUNO ROBOT,” International Journal of Scientific Development and Research (IJSDR), May 2018 IJSDR | Volume 3, Issue 5.

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