Computing and Information Systems

Demonstrate the following ranges of knowledge:
BI: Fundamental knowledge in: Molecular Sequence Analysis, Structural
Bioinformatics, Applied Statistics and Functional Genomics
CS: Fundamental Knowledge (including one or two of the following: Algorithm
Design and Implementation, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems or Compiler,
Software Engineering), Domain Specific Knowledge (including one or two of the
following: Intelligent Systems, Networking Systems, Graphics and Visualization,
Computer Vision and Image Processing, Database and Mining, Robotics)
SIS: Fundamental knowledge in the following areas: Software/Information Systems
Analysis, Design, Implementation, and Testing; System Vulnerability Analysis and
Security Enforcement; Design of Human-Computer Interfaces; Principles and
Structure of Complex Systems; Server and Client Side Software Design.
BISOM: Fundamental knowledge in the following areas: Data and Knowledge
Management, Systems Analysis and Design, Information Systems Economics and
Strategy, Data Communications Concepts, Empirical Research Methods, Modeling
Research Methods, current literature in Information Systems.

Demonstrate independent research skills and written
communication skills.
Demonstrate effective oral communication skills.

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