computer networksDefinition of computer networksSimply Computer Networks is the interconnection of multiple Essay

computer networksDefinition of computer networksSimply Computer Networks is the interconnection of multiple Computers and it is using to send and receive data from all Computers that are connected to it.Examples of computer networksthere are so many examples but the most famous one is the World Wide Web and it know as WWW it is a space that saves some information, this web page is made up using a programing language like HTML which means Hypertext Markup Language or any author language, the page contain text to image or video or any kind of data, you can identify the page by using Uniform Resource Locators it also know as URL this link will take you directly to the web page to access the data but you will need an internet connection to do that.

another example of computer networks is Social networks it is a web page that users can chat and share some sort of data between each other, there is lots of example of Social networks but I will mention the most famous networks, such as Facebook which is one of the most widely used, Facebook has a 1.

59 billion active users per month almost 20% of the world ! WhatsApp is another example of Social networks it is an application to chat with people and it is 1 billion active user per month, we have so many Social networks more than I can count like Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter etc. these networks is the greatest thing happen to the world it makes it easier and easier.Computer networks criteriawell sharing and transferring data in Computer networks goes under some criteria the most important criteria is transit time, response time, bandwidth and delay.the transit time is the time needed for data to reach its destination through network path. the response time is the time needed for data to travel through network path from user to host. so the difference between the transit time and response time is that response time is two way from the user to host and goes back to the user but transit is one way. the bandwidth is the maximum data range that user can send to the host through the network. lastly, delay and it is the time between the data entered to the network until it is exit to reach to the user.Computer networks physical structuresthe Physical structure of networks is Divided into two parts the first part is the Type of connection the scones part is the Physical Topology. the Type of connection is the way that two or more Computers are connected and the Physical Topology is two or more Computers connected to a link and two or more links are from topology.Computer networks categoriesthere are so many types of the network but I will mention just three of them the first one is Local Area Network which known as LAN and it is one of the most common network types it connects a group of computers in a small area within a building to share information and data. the Wireless Local Area Network which is known as WALN it is like LAN but it can make a wireless connection like WiFi and it doesn’t require cable to connect. the Wide Area Network (WAN) it is more complex than LAN because it connects computers together across longer physical distances and the internet is one of its examples. we also have Enterprise Private Network (EPN), Passive Optical Local Area Network (POLAN), Virtual Private Network (VPN), System-Area Network ( SAN ), Campus Area Network (CAN) and others.Computer networks protocols and layersThe network protocols are the rules and communication of communication in Computer networks and it identifies each device with special mechanisms. in these days the Computer network uses the packet switching techniques to share information. In the OSI model, the Process goes from one layer to another starting from the application layer. we have seven layers and it is ranked from layer seven to layer one :ApplicationPresentationsessiontransportnetworkData linkphysicaleach one has some task to do and send the data to the next layer.The InternetThe Internet is the global system of interconnected Computer networks that use internet protocols to link devices worldwide. the computer connect to the internet using the network connection and one of these connections is the connection to the internet, the computer uses the TCP/IP to connects to other devices. you can think of it like it is a book of rules. a step by step guides the computer to talk to another computer. File transfer is the process of copying or moving a file from one computer to another over a network or Internet connection. There are two main types of file transfer : Pull-Based: The file transfer request is initiated by the receive and Push Based: The file transfer request is initiated by the sender.Computer networks and smart devices Smart devices are an electronic device and it is connected to the internet using Smart devices are an electronic device and it is connected to the internet using wireless protocols. like WiFi ( wireless local area networking), NFC ( Near-field communication), and LiFi and others types. in the main time, most of the electronic devices are smart and they can connect to the internet, so they can perform many tasks even better than the past. the Air condition, television, Refrigerator, Vacuum cleaner, and other devices become smart and you can control them through your phone directly, also some the devices can even think and making Decisions, because of Artificial Intelligent ( AI ) it can write a program or design picture all of these things is because of the computer network and the data that had been transferred on it, some many companies working on developing the Artificial Intelligent to become more smarter, they make a computer that can beat the best player in the world in Chess game ! this is Amazing. in the end, the Computer networks change our lives in a positive way and we will keep using and developing it in the future.References list[1] Dale Janssen. 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