Compromising means settling on a solution that gives both parties part of Essay

Compromising means settling on a solution that gives both parties part of what they wanted. No party gets what it wanted but neither loses entirely either. They might both experience frustration but at a level they are willing to live with. Forcing could also be another way to resolve organizational conflicts. This will involves conflicts of members in different level of working. For example, a supervisor may not allow any room for discussion with an employee over issues like overtime assignments.

This shows that the person with power decides the outcome. The method is disliked since it leads to blames for failure Conflicts in organizations may be caused by incompatible personalities, interpersonal relationships, lack of prior planning, poor communication skills, rejection of employee input and unfair treatment of individuals by their supervisors or the management. In organizations conflicts may also arise if one is uncertain on what task or project they are expected to do. Other significant reasons for organizational conflict could include contrasting perceptions, scarcity of resources.

Habit patterns could also be a cause of conflicts. Some people like arguing and debate which to them, acts as a motivator to improve their performanceGiving up elements of positions in order to establish a common solution helps in managing conflicts in an organization. Giving up ones arguments, opinions or ideas to use others could be a better way of resolving conflicts. This is also similar to directly withdrawing from arguments hence avoiding further confrontations. Prior proper planning and timely communication ensures fewer conflicts since employees and managerial teams are aware of what to be done and when. Organizational employee manuals with clear rules and well defined boundaries make employees more aware of the company policies which tame vices like racism that lead to conflicts. Mediation is the most commonly used method of conflict resolution since it involves the aid of a third party to develop factual evidence. It is a faster way of resolving conflicts. The mediator serves as a third party. All employees in a dispute are supposed to make a meaningful contribution to the resolution of the dispute. Arbitration can also be used. It involves delegation of another person to deliver judgment but this works when mediation fails. Organizations should train employees on how to identify conflicts that are appropriate for arbitration or mediation and procedures to follow or whom to advise in case of a conflict. Organizational conflict may be described as the differences in opinion, thoughts, interests and or decisions by two opposing groups within different levels of an organization. Individuals are focused on attaining their own individual goals which might defer with goals or views of other persons. These indifferences occur between workers and their fellow workmates, employees and administration, department to administration. Almost every organization faces conflicts across time. The seriousness of these conflicts is determined by the emotional attachment of individuals trying to deliver their opinions. Contrary to expectations organizational conflict may be considered legitimate and a positive indicator of effective organizational management.Organizational conflicts may not only have negative effects in an organization but also have some positive effects. Conflicts accelerate change where new policies are being implemented. Competing for scarce resources causes the organizations leadership to realign objectives towards common goals hence fostering teamwork amongst competing parties. Conflict leads to invention and innovations. During arguments there is an emergence of diverse point of view from different parties causing development of new strategies in order to keep up with internal competition from colleagues.Organizational conflicts reduce productivity hence poor services are offered by companies. Also causes the inability to focus on ones duties hence vague performance. It also harms morale of workers which could lead to absenteeism or unwillingness to participate in activities by frustrated workers. A conflict within an organization discourages teamwork which results to lack of co-operation between members in the company. They also reduce cohesion between members .Organizational conflicts lead to a waste of resource while trying to resolve since different methods of conflict resolution are expensive. Superiority contests may arise from competition causing distortion of goals as parties are focused on undermining each other’s efforts. Regular feedback meetings in organizations which help review what is working and what is not working helps reduce conflicts within members of different levels in the organization. All members of an organization should be involved to create a conflict resolution team that is responsible for creating guidelines on acceptable and productive manners of communication. This team would also come up with acceptable behaviors that set standard for all members. Open communication policies should be adopted where all parties all able to express ideas to each other such as in a debate or a conversation. The team should also help resolve intra-organizational conflicts.

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