Comprehensive Professional Portfolio

Each response will begin on a separate page with a heading labelled ‘Question 1, 2, 3 or 4’, will not exceed two A4 pages in length (max. 8 pages), and will be word- processed, single spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font, 2.54cm margins and printed on only one side of the page. Each question will require an individual reference list that follows directly after the relating question, e.g. the structure is as follows: Question 1 (2 pages), Question 1 reference list (1 page), Question 2 (2 pages), Question 2 reference list (1 page), Question 2 Appendix/tutorial evidence, Question 3 (2 pages), Question 3 reference list (1 page) etc.

1. Contextual appreciation and awareness of assumptions
How does politics and regulation affect you as an accountant or in your future accounting role. You can draw on material from tutorial activities 2, 5 and 12 (weeks 3, 6 and 13), and other supporting material.
In this question, students are to detail relevant theoretical positions, challenges, risks and issues relating to the political and regulatory input that advises accounting in the world, and may use examples to justify reasoning.
2. Developing own perspective or position
How has your perspective of accounting changed while studying ACCG399? In answering this question you are required to justify your response and refer to at least one activity in each of the tutorials 4, 9 and 11 (weeks 5, 10 and 12), and any other relevant additional sources.
In answering this question, students can draw on their knowledge and understanding of accounting, the accounting profession and institutions in the world, use examples to justify reasoning, and should utilise their own experiences, critique, interpretation and viewpoints. Completed tutorial activities for these weeks are to be referred to in-text and attached as an appendix directly after Question 2 references.
3. Supporting data/evidence
Looking back at tutorial activities 6 and 7 (weeks 7 and 8), how might accounting frameworks need to change in order to support our future societies. Justify you argument with evidence.
This section tests the student’s ability to search, select, identify, examine, evaluate and form opinion on evidence relating to the need and ability for development and changes to accounting to better support future societies.
4. Case study reflection
With reference to the film Frackman reviewed, draw a parallel between social context and accounting. Is accounting helpful or harmful?
Students are encouraged to utilise other material and references in answering this question.

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