Competition vs. Competence Essay

I wonder about how many competitive people in the world are actually competent at what they are competitive for. This is a good question, “Is it more important to be highly competitive or highly competent in order to be successful?” If you are a competitive person, I’d think that you strive for something without giving up, therefore, you should be slightly considered competent. Competent is to be properly qualified at something. A competent person knows how to do something with sufficient skill, experience, and knowledge.

Competitive is to have a strong desire to compete or succeed.

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Competition vs. Competence Essay
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With all these proper definitions of competitive and competent, which would you agree with when the question is asked once again, “Is it important to be highly competitive or highly competent in order to be successful?” If by choice which I would choose for myself, I would want to be a competent person. Why might you ask? Well it’s a really simple question.

Being competent means that I’d have great skill at almost everything. Many apply the law “the survival of the fittest” to life. When you think about it, it all comes down to who is the most competent whether it’s here or in the jungle.

You must know situations and be well informed on problems, which is why it is more better to be highly competent. If you are highly competitive, you are not highly educated. Being highly competitive is definitely different from being highly competent, if you are very competitive you are just trying to be number one. But being able to do well, then trying to be number one is much better, because then you will be able to succeed.

Competition is soaking up lives. It has gone from a friendly game to something more serious. Competition also tends to bring out the worse in people, which has led to ruined friendships. If you are skillfully well at what you are competing for, people will just accept your knowledge. Competition alters people’s thoughts so that they don’t care about what happens to others just as long as they are victorious.

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