Compare SAFe to Large Scrum at Scale (LeSS)

Compare SAFe to Large Scrum at Scale (LeSS)

Component #1: Introduction  due by end of Unit 4

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Compare SAFe to Large Scrum at Scale (LeSS)
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a. Purpose i. State the purpose of your paper ii. Provide a brief summary of the two frameworks you are about to compare and contrast

b. Agile Team Composition i. Self-organize and identify the members of your Agile Team, including roles (Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Development Team Member). You may use Table 1 under the Appendix section of this document to complete this deliverable.

c. Product Vision Statement i. Prepare a product vision statement for your research paper using the format discussed in class, e.g. see HUALA #3 attached for reference template.

d. Epics i. Identify and draft epics for your research paper based on the components outlined for your final increment. These provide an overview of the sections of your paper (components 2 through 6). ii. Use guidelines and format found in the web site for preparing your epics. You may also treat each item labeled below (in lower cases, such as a, b, c, d, etc.), as features of your paper components.

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