Company Essay

1. Company & Product Information

A. Company’s name: Best Apparel Choice Inc. (BACH)

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Company Essay
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Products: Casual apparel, Steam punk apparel, Cosplay apparel

Company’s address: 799 Brickell Plaza #606, Miami, FL 33131 (Headquarters

B. Company’s Description and History:

The Best Apparel Choice Incorporation started in 2021 in Miami, FL. It was born global as it started with E-commerce and operated internationally. BACH Inc. has its headquarters located in Miami, FL, USA and has several departments operating in USA, EU and EAU (Eurasian Union). This company focuses on the apparel retail.

It acquires materials form China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh and Italy. Its manufacturing occurs in the Republic of Belarus. The company uses latest technology of textile industry and latest visual and digital tools in order to provide the best quality and unique products to its customers. The USA department including Miami’s headquarters is only one site of the company and has about 300 employees.

C. Product Description:

Casual apparel, Cyberpunk style apparel, Cosplay apparel.

The BACH Inc. produces casual apparel products, which include stylized hoodies, T-shirts, Pants, Long sleeve shirts, blazers, jumpers and women skirts etc. One of the departments is focusing on the cyberpunk style clothing providing a product line designed in the designers’ vision of the future. There is a special department, which focuses on the Cosplay clothing and provides verity of superheroes and Anime/Manga heroes replicated clothing. One of the features of this department is that company provides a service of customized products in addition to replicated Cosplay clothing. So the costumers may provide their personal designs of their desirable costume or if the personal character was created in its individual look, BACH Company will produce it for the costumer. Also, there is a comfortable workshop on the company’s website where customers can customize and personalize existing products and order products in accordance with their preferred designs.

The philosophy of the company is to be the one of the best quality apparel companies, become a world leader in cyberpunk and cosplay clothing producers and be the style maker leader in these segments.

The company sells worldwide, but the market dominance variate by product lines. Thus, Cosplay apparel lines dominate on the EAU and Asian markets mainly. However, the company also has a large market in Western part of the US in this segment. Cyberpunk clothing is mainly a large part of EU and US sales. This segment grows annually in such countries as Japan and South Korea. Casual apparel prevail on EAU and US markets for its relatively lower price and higher product quality in comparison to its competitors.

Cyberpunk products examples:

(Note: as a company is not existing yet, the pictures are taken from other sources for illustrating purpose of future products)

Pictures Sources:

Cosplay products examples:

(Note: as a company is not existing yet, the pictures are taken from other sources for illustrating purpose of future products)

Pictures Sources:

D. Export Status:

(Note: as a company is not existing yet, so the information has been absolutely made up)

Current export activity: there was a pretty stable growth in the company’s exports of 3% annually in the last five years (2023-2028) as overall exports sales. However there were a fluctuation among product lines and different markets. Thus, Casual apparel lines fluctuated in the range between 3-5% up and down on the European market. Exports sales are primarily cyberpunk clothing and customized cosplay clothing. Russia, Japan and UK are the primary markets of the export due to huge interest in Anime and Comics, and large audience participation in different Cosplay festivals. And Cyberpunk clothing because fashion movement and demand for clothing of the Future.

E. Target Customers:

General people, Cyberpunk/gothic and non-ordinary sub-culture members, Anime/Manga/Comics audience

2. Foreign Market Identification

The chosen market is Poland. There were several reasons to pick Poland. First of all, Poland was showing stable GDP growth over the last 3 years, even within last 5 years Poland’s GDP did not fluctuate extremely much. According to the chart and statistical data, polish GDP was growing from 3.1% in 2016 to 4.8% in 2017 and 5.1% in 2018 (Trade Economics, 2019 & Country economy, 2018). These data shows that overall polish market is stable. However, this may change due to EU’s trade wars and sanction wars with Russia. Nevertheless, Russia is not the main market for Poland. Second, Poland has a very well developed textile industry and the market recovers from 2000s down fall (, 2019). Therefore, there will be easy to access necessary material and increase production. Third reason its geographic location. This is the main reason. Poland’s geographic location has two significant roles for the BACH Company. The first reason is that Poland neighbors with Belarus, which is a country of BACH’s manufacturing. So if the company establishes itself in the Poland, the timing for delivering the product decreases significantly, which increases the reaching to the customer speed. In addition to this, Belarus is part of EAU and has customs with EU, therefore, it is beneficial for BACH to have presence in Poland in order to have quicker operations. The second reason is Poland’s centralized location, which allows BACH to work on the European market more efficiently, quicker, deliver and sell its products across Europe on significantly new level. Presence there will increase company’s competitiveness on the polish, European and global market.

Fourth, the labor force and overall prices for the storage rent and commercial buildings rent are significantly lower than in other European country with the same beneficial geographic location. Thus, monthly storage rent cost is 90PLN that equals to 23$. The commercial price per square meter on average is 100-200PLN that equals to 26-52$, so it is relatively cheap.

(Pic. Retrieved from Trade Economics March 23d, 2019)

3. Foreign Market Selection.

A. Country Information

The official name of the country is Republic of Poland. It celebrates its Independence Day on November 11th. There are many National holidays during the year in Poland. The following chart shows official public holidays within a year 2019:

(Retrieved from Timeanddate, 2019)

National flag of Poland consist of two horizontal lines colored in white and red. The top line is white and bottom line is red. The national coat of arms is a crowned white eagle on the red shield, and the national Anthem is “Mazurek Dabrowskiego”. The pictures of national symbols follow:

B. Demographics

The population of Poland is 38.05M people. Its growth rate and population density are -0.2% and 124 per/km2 or 322 people per/mi2 correspondingly. The median age is 40.1 years in Poland (Worldometers, 2019).


Trading Economics (2019). Poland GDP Growth Rate. Retrieved on March 23d 2019

Contryeconomy (2018).Poland GDP – Gross domestic product.

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