Communications technology refers to the activity of designing Essay

Communications technology refers to the activity of designing and constructing, and maintaining communication systems in digital form. This form of technology has now created a drift in people’s lives verbally and non-verbally. The young generation in our days has lots the whole concept of communication without any digit object nor do they still value the aspects of social integration amongst fellow pupils.

Impacts of CT has in private life

An impact of CT in private life has disadvantages that are more than the advantages.

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Communications technology refers to the activity of designing Essay
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The advantages are that we can communicate and stay connected with our family or friends online, but it is also easy for hackers to access our personal profile online. Many cases have been reported that such incidents do frequently happen. Our private lives are easily exploited through the advancement of Communication Technologies too. First of all, The Internet brings friends and family closer together. Before the Internet, it was possible to keep in touch with relatives and friends across the country or around the world and it was also expensive, and would take long too.

Now we communicate through e-mails, social networking sites, send video feeds of ourselves halfway across the world to our family we use a site called Skype, also use online banking which is easier than queuing up in your local branch this also shows that it is affecting businesses also.

Another impact is shopping people are ordering their groceries online and having them delivered to their house which makes it easier for elderly or disabled people to get their groceries. People are not communicating face to face as much as they use to due to people chatting online another thing is that families aren’t as close as they use to neither due to technology kids are spending most of their time on game consoles and/or on Facebook rather than going out to play with their friends. Parents are also affected as they would rather order food than cook it as it would be quicker and they can spend more time on their computer or in front of their television set.

Impacts of CT has in public life

In public life communication technology serve more advantages than disadvantages. Finding friends through social media or online game sites, we can even find suitable partner through dating sites. The disadvantages are that people can provide false information and exploit the advantages of social media on people public life and cause misunderstanding, loss of properties or sometimes even lives. Social networking is a recent invention that has the internet still at the edge of it’s seat due to its popularity with people. This is mostly because it really is for the people. Bringing every kind of social group together in one place and letting them interact is really a big thing indeed. Everything about it lies on the advantages and disadvantages of social networking, and what it can do for you. This is one of the advantage that can be more than enough for you to want to join in.

Definitely, it is cheaper to use online social networking for both personal and business use because most of it is usually free. While personal use is rather simple for anyone the business functions are underestimated by many. In a social networking site, you can scout out potential customers and target markets with just a few clicks and keystrokes, adding a boost to your usual advertisements and promotional strategies. It lets you learn is tremendous. Then this is the way to go whether on a budget or not.

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