Commander’s Judgment

While CCIR helps the commander make an anticipated decision, commanders must often make decisions that they and their staffs did not anticipate.  LTC Mucci’s decision to delay his actions on the objective until 30 January 1945 may have been his most difficult and most important decision.  In hindsight, his judgment was correct.  Despite the benefits, LTC Mucci accepted the risk that the Japanese would detect his force, or sense that 6th Army was too close and consequently kill or move the POWs.

REQUIREMENT: Commander’s Judgment (10 Points.  Approximately one-half of a double-spaced page)

Compare and contrast LTC Mucci’s decision to delay actions on the objective on 29 Jan with his decision to conduct actions on the objective on 30 Jan.  In other words, explain how the conditions on 29 Jan differed from those on 30 Jan, resulting in LTC Mucci’s decision to delay on 29 Jan and assault on 30 Jan. (Keep in mind that his reason for delaying was different from the benefit of delaying.)

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