Commander’s Critical Information Requirements

: Commanders use information and judgment to make decisions.  In many instances, several pieces of information contribute to one decision.  In those instances, the commander may arrange the information in an IF, AND/OR, THEN sequence, illustrated by this simple example:


IF my team is still in the playoff hunt

AND my brother can purchase game tickets

AND the winter roads are clear enough to drive

OR I can afford train tickets

THEN I will go to the last regular season game

REQUIREMENT: Commander’s Critical Information Requirements (CCIRs)
(10 Points. Approximately one-half of a double-spaced page)

Construct a logical IF, AND/OR, THEN sequence justifying LTC Mucci’s decision to assault on 30 January. You are not required to include OR in your response, but should include elements related to the enemy, your own multinational force, the POWs, and local support. (Keep in mind that a decision to delay on 29 January does not justify an assault on the 30th, because conditions could have been worse.)

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